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National And Global Citizenship Essay

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Even if human societies, with their cultural traditions and societal aspects, vary around the world, human beings are all connected, socially and biologically. All human beings share the same common ancestor, and the same anatomical and physiological features, as stated in biology, and anthropology reports. They also share distinguishing characteristics (basic emotions, self-consciousness, language and symbols), and common needs—the need for communication, love, social interactions, food, and shelter. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. “ (Article1). And, as Thomas Jefferson once said, “all men ...view middle of the document...

Global citizens act in the interest of all human beings, respecting all cultures, heritages and nationalities. They also recognize that different cultures have different beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors and that one should not try to change, or judge diversity.
Since I moved from Italy to the U.S. I made many cultural mistakes, took cultures for granted, assigned stereotypes to people, misinterpreted conversations, and situations. I can still remember the time when I smiled and hugged my Japanese friend to sooth away her aches. We were at the park with our kids, and she was hit, right in the face, by my three years old son’s soccer ball. My friend’s reaction to my gentle hug was quite surprising. Instead of hugging me back, she strongly pushed me away, and told me to stop threatening her. After that episode we didn’t speak to each other for weeks. We were both really upset and confused. What went wrong between us?
At that time, I didn’t know that Japanese people are reserved, shy, tend to control their feelings, and smile when they are angry. On the other hand, my friend didn’t know that Italians are extremely expressive when it comes to their emotions, and consider smiling and hugging positive manifestations of feelings. When I smiled and hugged my friend I made such a preventable mistake! I should have ask her if she needed a hug, before hugging her. I should have been more aware of her feelings, and less about mine. I should have known better. At that time my CQ was probably nonexistent!
Cultural intelligence, or CQ, is a person’s ability to recognize and understand cultural diversity. CQ is important when connecting with anything considered “foreign”, strange, or unfamiliar. Cultural intelligence might also help in closing culture gaps, alike the one my friend and I experienced at the park. Culture gaps happen when people from...

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