National And Regional Port Policy? Essay

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Ports are an important asset to a nation. Ports serve the country not only to enhance trade and increase the economy but also a hub for national employment. Ports are also important in point of view of security of the country. Many nations have naval bases in their commercial ports. The recent development with regards to types of ship especially containerisation has drastically changed the way ports operate. Containerisation has increased the need of modern cranes and faster handling equipment to increase turnaround of ships. Hershman (19.., p.99) states that ‘the port is a control point of the modern nation state, a place where national security, trade, immigration and customs are handled. Thus, in virtually every nation of the world port development, administration, and finance are important functions of national government’. Nations recognise the need to develop these ports. They have policies in place to guide and monitor this progress. This essay will look into the various types of ports; also identify the factors which influence the development of national and regional port policy.

Definition of Policy:
A policy is defined as a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organization or individual (Oxford University, 2009).
In a port policy it is the management of the port which is responsible for defining the course or the principle of action. A port policy provides a goal to be achieved by the port. There can be different types of port policies, large policies like the European Union common port policy where all the ports of the European union will have one common port policy. Then other type can be smaller and concentric policy like the port of Long Island’s green port policy in which the port is aggressively trying to reduce damage to the environment from pollution caused by port operations. The policies adopted by the port will largely depend on its management. Having said this it is important to identify the ‘management’ of the port. As per Fink et al (2002, p.90) ‘Seaports are typically coordinated by public or,...

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