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Government Budget: Basic Needs Or Exploring Outer Space

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"Governments are spending a lot of money on our new space ships, and we can feel the underlying pressure from the other nations," says one of the engineers from the department of designing outer space air-crafts for China. According to John McHale, there was 3.5 billion dollars in NASA's budget in 2010 (McHale, 2009, p.11). Indeed, developing the new technology on outer space is important for a country; however, here is the voice from the citizens and critics, " Governments should spend more money meeting people's basic needs, which concern individuals more compared to the high-end technology in outer space." Governments are facing serious problems when coming to the issue of meeting people's basic needs. (Ontario Office, 2003). It is said that governments should spend money on individuals' basic needs rather than exploring outer space, for promotion of a low crime rate, sense of happiness and satisfaction for individuals, and the stability of the society as a whole.
Cost of Exploring Space
Around the world, a few countries have started competing in the exploration of space. Consequently, it leads to the high expenditure of exploring outer space. There is a huge amount of cost every year for the exploration of outer space. For NASA (American Space Agency), there will be a cost of $5.54 billion in 2012.(McHale, 2009, para.4). According to the Economist (2011), one project that will exceed too much from the budget has raised the awareness of the governors and astronomers at NASA. As some advocates argue, the development of the new industry can definitely promote the economy, regardless of the expenses. However, critics are considering whether the governments should continue to plan a huge budget on their space projects. What should the governments do? Should they continue developing or reduce the budget on it?
Demand in Basic Needs
While we are considering the problem of outer space development, there are always people who cannot feed themselves and who live in the helplessness. Some critics believe if a country turns its money from other budgets of, for example, the development of outer space, or conduction of high-technology products to meeting people's basic needs, people can have a happier life. Basically, expenditure on basic needs can decrease the crime rate in a nation. If the basic needs of people are satisfied, there would be fewer people in poverty. For instance, governments spend money on business, specifically, employment; this will promote a high rate of employment, which means nearly all the people of working age have jobs. It is common that people commit a crime, such as stealing or robbing, when they are helplessly waiting for a position to earn money for a living. The cost for basic needs can change the situation, and thus a low crime rate can be promoted.
Basic needs have been a broad topic currently. It is not only defined as fulfilling people's eating and living. In addition, basic needs relate to people's sense of...

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