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National Football League Essay

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National Football League


National Football League (NFL) is known as one of the highest professional American football in the United States. It's known as today most profitable and valuable economic force in sports then other competitors in the American sports-business universe. It's sold more than 17 million game tickets in 2008 and estimated three-quarters of the American population that watched at least one NFL game on television. Super Bowl, an annual event in American pop culture, helps gather a lot of NFL fans. However, the NFL has not always been perfect throughout America's sporting life; the league also struggled to establish stability and legitimacy for many years after 1920s. After World War II, it rose to major prominence in American culture (Gigliotti, 10-11).


Football is considered one of the most popular yet challenging sports of modern era. In order to gets perfect season, one need to get the services of well-experienced coaching staff who knows how to teach the players to develop into prosperous footballer. Also most importantly are the football players, they have to be committed and work hard together as a team. During off-season the football players should be focused on getting bigger, stronger, and faster for the upcoming season of football. To have a perfect season requires these three aspects good coaches, good players, and a well-prepared off-season. Football coaches are the most important part about a team (Gigliotti, 10-11).

A good coach has to have the knowledge of calling the most effective plays during a game. For example it's third down ten yards to go, the coach needs to be prepared and smart enough to call a pass play rather than a run play, because the average yards per pass play is greater than a running play. Also a coach that is experienced will know what it takes to accomplish having a perfect season or in other words an undefeated season. A good coach also needs to know how to motivate his players. Motivation is the key to having a successful season. It is important aspect that the coaches must motivate the players on constant basis, so that players can deliver the goods. He should be in continuous contact with the players and discuss the problems that faced by the players. The coaches need to ask the players to work hard not because they just want to win, but so that they are the kind of people who love to excel and enjoy the hard work that allows excellence to emerge (Oriard, 200-201).

Football has evolved over the last one hundred plus years because of the effort of the players and coaches who have made a big difference in how the game is played...

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