National Geographic's Apartheid’s Children: Two Contrasting Worlds

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The distance of 5km, is it truly the disparity between affluence and indigence? Although they only live 5km apart from each other, the “apartheid’s children”, Sylvia and Nameurena live in contrasting worlds. Sylvia lives in the Alexandra township, without a mother or father for protection or comfort. On the other hand, Nameurena lives in a private home with her family just outside of Alexandra, where she enjoys the luxury she would’ve never been able to if apartheid was still in effect. Consequently, the two black South African girls evidently demonstrate distinctive individual development and identity. Although the Afrikaner government has long since been taken down, apartheid is still not over for thousands of black South Africans living in poverty; therefore it is vital for young students to maintain their own individuality.
Before viewing the National Geographic Documentary “Apartheid’s Children”, I did not realize that even after the government was black majority ruled, numerous blacks are still living in deficiency. Subsequent to watching this short but evocative documentary, I now understand the immense gap between several blacks and how events in their lives have entirely changed their circumstances, and how this associates with creating their identity.
Sylvia has various attitudes, perceptions, values, and beliefs that reflect what conditions she lives in. For instance, even though she lives on her own in a township full of distress, after Miss Tabia Behali, the counselor who gives love and hope, found her, her perceptions about school has changed. Miss Behali had helped her out of the “abyss” and espoused her so she could think optimistically. The school she once loathed because of those who tantalized her, was now a place filled with dreams for the future, even for this young teenage girl. Because she was living in a society where things could not be changed so easily, the changes she had been through have effectively changed her identity. Sylvia now seems to more clearly understand about her surroundings and what she should do to affect change. Sylvia believes that she ought to study intensely because education is the only way she will be able to prolong a standard life. Sylvia’s attitudes and beliefs of thinking optimistically and striving to move along and cope with situations have supported her to stay firm even when the worst challenges have manipulated her.
Nameurena has diverse attitudes, perceptions, values, and beliefs that most definitely illustrate her living conditions. From a single generation to another, her family has been “sprinting” from deprivation to opulence. Nameurena is able to benefit from her luxury because she is living in a time period where there isn’t any apartheid and a society in which blacks rule the majority of the government. If she’d lived in her mother’s era, she would’ve never been able to enjoy all of this comfort, because she is black. Because of the amendments from apartheid to black...

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