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National Honor Society Essay

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The National Honor Society is a prestigious institution that any high school student would admire if they were to receive admission for the program. However, not every student is qualified and capable for admission and therefore making it one of the exclusive organizations in high schools around the nation. Being exceptional and proficient in the traits of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service is not an effortless task. Nevertheless, I truly believe that I am not only achieving those attributes, but have been succeeding consistently all throughout my educational career.
In today’s advancing society, knowledge has become an essential aspect to achieve a successful lifestyle. It is important that one demonstrates scholarship from the early ages to attain knowledge and understanding for the future. I like to challenge myself in my education by taking tough classes so it helps me to establish an effective work ethic that I can compliment with my career later on the road. Taking rigid classes and still maintaining an exceeding 4.0 GPA helps me to feel satisfied and pleased for my future. In my first two years at Westerville Central, I took all honors courses, which include Foundations of and American Literature and Composition, U.S and Global History, Geometry, Cell and Environmental Biology, and Honors Spanish II. Currently, in my junior year, I am taking Honors Algebra 2 and Honors Chemistry as well as AP Language and Government and still maintaining an above 4.0 GPA. All of the classes that I have took or I am taking right now were all challenging in their own way and required extensive studying. Going beyond grades, all of those classes also helped me to form a promising work ethic that will defiantly prove worthy in the long run. For an example, meeting with the teacher outside of class or asking questions until obtaining clarification are all routines that have helped me to accomplish satisfying grades. The time where you actually learn is very limited compared to the time where you have to go out and enforce your learning, which requires you to make the most out of your learning.
Having the correct attitude is undoubtedly one of the most unestimated attributes for one to live a prosperous and content life. Character is a combination of personality traits and what separates you from the others. Having a reputable character is important because it defines how other people view you as. Therefore, I try my best to portray myself in the most exclusive and finest manner possible. I want to be viewed as a responsible and compassionate individual mixed with cheerfulness from my peers and elders. In order to achieve this image, I make sure that I work hard inside and outside the classroom and try to prompt respectable behavior to my surroundings. Whenever a friend comes to ask for help, I do not simply give them my work to copy, I try my best to teach them in another way so they can also learn the material and practice until they achieve...

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