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National Honor Society Barringer High School Essay

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National Junior Honor Society is a group of students that exemplify the traits of leadership, integrity, citizenship, and intelligence. I’m truly honored, as a student from Anne Middle Dorner School, to be chosen by my teachers and other leaders to give me a possible chance to prove myself as a determined, diligent citizen.
The first and foremost reason why I consider myself to be a good candidate to be part of the Nation Junior Honor Society is that I have a strong passion for helping people in need, whether it is smiling at a child whose soul is in desperate starvation of attention and needs only a touch of inspiration to lift themselves, or lend a helping hand to someone whom currently is in dismay. I have the compassion, generosity, and hospitality that is essential to fulfill this crucial concept.
The qualities and characteristics that make up the National Junior Honor Society (Service, Leadership, Character, Citizenship, and Scholarship) are not only important for every member of the NJHS to have, but for anyone to adopt in their own lives. These qualities and characteristics are also very important to society because the people who posses these qualities make the world a better place and I believe I’ve the seed of all these qualities in my character. 
I am a very...

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