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National Honors Society Admission Essay

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When notified by a few peers that they had seen my name on a nomination list for the National Honor Society, I was surprised and genuinely flattered. After researching more about what it was, it was an honor to be recognized for all I do every day in order to be successful in life. Every year I make sure I take every opportunity to get the best education I can, like all honors or AP classes. My freshman year, I took AP Biology and have to admit I was initially intimidated, but I knew if I applied myself and kept on going through the course it would benefit me in the long run and I ended with a B and was ecstatic when I discovered that I passed the AP test. Passing one AP course ...view middle of the document...

During my freshman year, I volunteered at an event called Swimmers for Epilepsy, where I counted laps that my peers swam and we raised money to help research epilepsy. Both freshman and sophomore year, we held car washes and I attended both. Outside of my team, I was helping campaign for Stacia Warren to become the state attorney. I went to First Friday in Flagler Beach and passed out fliers and waved signs advertising Stacia, and to the FCAR building where I passed out more pamphlets and candies and asked people to consider Stacia. My sister is on a synchronized swimming team, and I help out at pretty much every one of her meets, whether it’s working at the snack stand or being a runner. I have gone to teen court to participate in mock trials for adolescents. Next year I am going to Tallahassee for a week to assist state officials while they go through the legislative process where I will learn about politics and how the governmental system works. I am also going to the courthouse every Thursday to assist in mock trials. Volunteer work is one of my main concerns, along with academics and sports.
One of my...

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