National Id, A Bad Idea…. Essay

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National ID, a bad idea….

In today’s world, we can say that the main danger to privacy, security for people who lives in free democratic societies can come from the system that will create and apply supposedly very high tech national ID card.

The main purpose of National ID card system in a country is to develop nationwide security, decrease crime rate, reveal the terrorists, and guard against illegal immigrants. NID system has been used conducting regular official transactions between government agencies and citizens, with benefits claimed in the areas of convenience, cost saving or fraud reduction. NID could be a combination of the functions of a driver’s license, social security registration, immigration documentation, and other identification system. This is the latest idea on national safety and security issues. But there can be raised some questions regarding this system, is it a good idea? Does it make people happy? Will it be effectible in general life?

In my personal view, it is definitely not a good idea for a country to have national ID card system.

The idea is to allow any authorized person to verify the identity of a person. This would help in certain isolated situations, but would only have a limited effect on crime. The ID card contains, name, address, sex, photograph, fingerprints. That might also include place of employment, data of birth, perhaps religion, perhaps name of children, spouse, and health insurance coverage, may be credit records. Here I am talking about someone’s privacy. Since the ID card contains all the data about a person on it, then where is the privacy when the card is swiped? More high tech national id system would enable the federal government and its contractors to follow and analyze electronically someone’s activities in real time. I mean to say is they can do anything to pinpoint the location, check the purchases people made, view the records of their medical condition, monitor their bank deposits, moreover, they can withdraw your amount as they want, for instance. Then, where is the privacy?

A national ID card would as a practical matter collect a person’s records from a number of databases in computers, which have been intentionally kept separate over the years as a privacy measure into one large file available to all. And such collection of data practically invites abuse from every level of governmental offices. It will be easy for the criminal hackers to steal someone else’s data, once this system operates. Unauthorized sale of personal data will be normal in practice once these database are linked.

If the card is used to check the information against a central database, then the security of this database will become crucial. For a person, the database should be accessible nationwide in order to support security checkpoints all over the country. Therefore it will have to be on some networking system. The security necessary to prevent people from breaking into such a responsive...

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