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After the September 11th attacks, the issue of making national ID card in the United States, Canada and other countries has restarted. After reading many articles, magazines, and skipping through lots of frequently ask question about nation General confirmed the black market in phony driver’s licenses exist in that state.” National ID card, I myself believe that national ID card will not only not stop terrorism, illegal immigrants but also create a form of discrimination and increase ID fraud.

First, national ID card will not stop terrorism. The new national ID card will contain lots of personal information. Every tine we use the card, the information will appear in the government database. If everybody has one national ID card, the one do not have it will become a suspect. That’s why people support this national ID card issue. However, one of the hijackers in the Sep 11th attacks was listed in the San Diego phone book; he still use his debit card to rent automobile and live his life as a good law-abiding residents. Therefore, national ID card will not help in prevent terrorism.

Second, national ID card will not stop illegal immigrant. Because most of the terrorists in the Sep 11th attacks are illegal immigrants, hopefully national ID card will help the government reduce the rate of illegal immigrant and catch terrorists effectively. However, Prerana Rajbhandari, a student at CU Denver, pointed out the violation of some businesses such as gas stations, construction sites in hiring illegal immigrants with cheap labor. Therefore, if most businesses keep hiring illegal immigrants, national ID card will not help at all in reducing the rate of illegal immigrants in this country.

Third, in addition to the fact that national ID card will not stop terrorism...

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