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National I Ds (This Is A Rogerian Essay)

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Terrorist attacks on the United States have left America with a sense of vulnerability, and have promoted a few radical ideas that in the end may hinder America's freedoms. America, proven through our economy and low statistics of poverty, is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. Our economy is the financial backbone of almost all other nations. American scientists have harnessed the power of the atom, in ways that we can use it in defense as well in creating much needed power. Americans have the right to vote; America is a democracy like no other. We are covered by the blanket of The Bill of Rights, which holds us innocent until proven guilty, gives us privacy and an opportunity to voice our opinions. However, in the last few years, our rights as Americans have been tested, and terrorists attacks have begun to hinder this giant from being the city on a hill in which we should be. Although the American government has not proposed legislation that directly disregards the rights of Americans, politicians have drawn us into a quagmire that is reducing the freedoms of the American people. One such proposition is a national ID, which may seem like an excellent idea, but probably will act as a funnel into the quagmire that consumes American rights. National IDs would be used for the identity of airline passengers and prevent terrorists from entering the country. National IDs might also be proposed for gun control, and for healthcare identification. Though National IDs may present itself as a great idea, it is nothing more than an expensive "quick fix."
Granted, little could have been done against the September 11 attacks, and most likely a national ID will not hinder future terrorist attacks. If a document can be made, a document can be forged, and at an expected cost of $4 billion, it may seem...

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