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National Junior Honors Society Essay

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When I found out I qualified to be a candidate for the NJHS, I knew I had to take this chance. This group is made up of people who depict leadership, character, citizenship, academic success, and service and I would love to join. These characteristics wouldn't just be valuable for a candidate to have, but for everyone to have to exceed in life. If I were to be in the National Junior Honor Society, it would give me an opportunity to ameliorate my future and motivate me to do better.
My education means a lot to me and I take it seriously. Throughout my life I always tried my best to get good grades and achieve my academic goals that I've made for me. "Education is the most powerful weapon ...view middle of the document...

When it came to an assignment to create a group dance, students were slacking and I noticed that some of the stars of the class were no longer attempting to show their full potential. I decided to try and motivate them again by talking to them and telling them that they can't achieve their goals without continuously practicing. A major accomplishment that has happened for me is having a solo dance and also performing with a partner in front of audiences. In elementary school I was in student council in 4th and 5th grade and I am also in student council this year. I also show leadership in class in projects and group work by getting everyone to do their part and trying to keep things organized.
I believe that my characteristics make me who I am and are shaping my life. Some things that are very important to me is to help others in any way that I can and being kind, and be respectful. Giving good advice is something I am known for with my friends since I feel a need to help anyone and everyone. I believe that to make the world a better place that you have to take action and even if it is just a simple thing like just holding a door, it can still benefit someone. Being kind and respectful are important qualities in everyone and it is a necessity. You never really know how another person feels, they can be experiencing a lot of pain, but you wouldn't know and this is why I think it's so important, a person can only take so much and a single nice comment can make them feel better. Another quality that I have is honesty. Even if what I say is considered brutal, without the entire truth people would not be able to get better. For example, if someone asks what my opinion is on something I would tell them what I thought about it and give them advice for them to make it as wondrous as possible. I show cheerfulness to provide hope. Hope is something rare these days because of all the negative events that are happening, but it's something that is crucial. Without hope, things won't seem to get better. People...

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