National Relations And Mental Side Effects Of War

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The Cold war occurred around the end of the 19th century, it tightened the already strangling hold around the US and USSR (Russia) relationship. The two great nations came within seconds of launching an all out nuclear war on each other; the scene was observed by all and feared by all. The writer Joseph Masco says “It is important to recognize that this technical capacity to deliver overwhelming violence to any part of the world in mere minutes has relied on structures of the imagination as well as on machines”. In that time millions of citizens witnessed the tremendous power of a nuclear bomb going off in Japan; the simple thought of an all out war between the world’s two biggest countries ...view middle of the document...

Masuda Hajima creator of the article about the Korean War informs that “A senior official in Shenyang likewise said: ‘If the US is a paper tiger, you know, China is less than a cat’” During that time US held the top spot in military power and China feeling less than superior compared to the US. The Korean War the country of Korean split into two countries labeled North Korea (Communist) and South Korea (Democratic), the soldiers on the US side gained a slight advantage on the battlefield due to the use of Napalm on the jungle infested area, making the Korean’s use of the environment to host surprise and devastating attacks on US camps and strongholds rather useless, but shockingly the Koreans managed to hold their ground and draw the US into retreat thus turning the warfare to discussion and arguments. The Korean War was indeed a very important time in the life of a soldier with the new technology for war such as guns and bombs but there’s one more war that affected the relations between US more and didn’t help the soldiers either, The Iraqi War of 2003.
The Iraq War was launched by President George W. Bush during 2003. The war faced the terroristic threat that was created by the Middle Eastern countries. After the bombing of the trade centers in New York City on September 11, 2001, Bush felt it was absolutely important to launch an invasion on Iraq to halt the threats from Saddam Hussein. The casualty toll in the Iraq War grew to a staggering 32 thousand. The soldiers also faced brutal weather conditions in the heat induced climate of Iraq. On May 1st 2003 George Bush said “[M]y fellow Americans: major combat operations in Iraq have ended”. (1) After 28 days, the US found WMDs (weapons of mass destruction)in Iraq that were used to threaten to blow up the US, they were a major concern for the US because again they hold massive amounts of power just in one. Just 7 months later the president confirms that Saddam Hussein has been officially captured, letting of a big sigh of relief on the whole world. Saddam Hussein was the mastermind behind the threats upon the US and was sentenced to be executed by hanging on Saturday December 30th of 2006. The Iraq War continued to 2008, there is still US involvement within the Middle Eastern Countries today. The relations between the US and...

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