Government's Half Witted Beaurocratic Laws In The Us

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Todays big government is atypical display of bureaucracy in itsmost creative state. Due to theenormous bureaucracy withintodays state governments, manylaws have been passed throughlegislation that really didn't need tobe passed. These laws are a displayof the way government likes to showpower over the people using legalsuppression. Governments havecreated laws governing almostanything that the people do as an actof blatant suppression, even if thelaws my never be able to beunforced.In reviewing many law books,many laws were found that did notseem to do anything but annoy thegeneral populous. These laws andordinances are used by thegovernment to show power withouthaving to be confronted by anyparticular person who might havebeen affected, because these legalsuppressors will most likely not beenforced by the local law-enforcement agencies.In Alabama it is legal to drivea motor vehicle while you areblindfold. Most of the people in ournation most likely would not decideto drive with a blindfold on. Yet, theAlabama state government needs tohave power so it passed the 'nodriving while blindfold' law.Alabama is not the only state withlaws that seem useless. In Californiacommunity leaders passed anordinance that makes it illegal foranyone to try to stop a child fromplayfully jumping over puddles ofwater. The fine for such a crime isfifty dollars and up to ten days injail. Once again a governmentdecided it didn't have enough powerand thought that it might as wellimpose a new law to show its'immense' power over the people.In Connecticut you can bestopped be the police for bike ridingover sixty-five miles an hour. Youcan also be arrested for walkingacross a street on your hands. Theselaws will probably not be enforceddue to the fact that the odds ofbiking over sixty-five miles an houror walking across a street on one'shands seems unlikely.Florida may be one of themost creative legal suppressors inthe Unites States. One law reads'Women may be fined up to 150dollars if they fall asleep under a hairdryer, as can the salon owner.'Another law states that if anelephant is tied to a parking meter,the parking fee has to be paid just asit would for a vehicle. A special lawin Florida also prohibits unmarriedwomen from parachuting on Sundayor she shall risk arrest, fine, orsometimes jailing. Men may not beseen publicly wearing any type ofstrapless gown or they can be finedup to seventy-five dollars. InSarasota, Florida, it is illegal for oneto sing in public in a swimsuit.These laws and ordinances displayFlorida state government legislatinglaws that to show power and asuppressive attitude.In some states the act ofsuppression is shown in the controlof personal activities. For instancecitizens are not allowed to attend amovie house or theatre nor ride anyform of public transportation withinat least four hours after eating garlicin the state of Indiana. Another actof personal suppression by thegovernment is the Iowa state lawthat states, 'Kisses may last for asmuch as,...

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