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National Security Strategies Essay

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In terms of the national security strategies (NSS), one needs to comprehend the foreign policies of the United States. In understanding these foreign policies, one can learn how the U.S. asserts power. In essence, the foreign policies of each administration are integrated throughout the national security strategies. One should start with the presidential NSS of President Bush; then move down to the NSS of President Obama; and finally look at a comparison of the two. The best way for someone to approach this, would be to explain this under the Grand Strategic Objectives (GSO).
First of all, the GSO exists under four distinct national interests, at the core of the United States. These four core interests are established and defined as “physical security, which is generally defined as, the protection against attack on the territory and people of the United States, in order to ensure survival with fundamental values and institutions intact; promotion of values; stable international order and economic prosperity” (Bartholomees). An individual might ask, what is the GSO? In essence, they are translations of the four core interests. These core interests translate into “a promotion of American values, a preservation of American security, and bolstering American economic prosperity” (Bartholomees). While all administrations focus on these objectives, certain factors such as, evaluations of threats, individual beliefs, and predominantly distinctive circumstances cause presidents to institute different strategic ideas of America’s function in the world, resonating a shift from one goal to another. There is a possibility for insurgences to gain access to dangerous weapons. In order to achieve a high level of security, an endorsement of democratic values and economic affluence may be necessary.
A grand strategic level is generally defined as starting from the highest point in a strategy and moving down to the lowest point. The Unites States’ strategic level or strategy would be the prevention of a nuclear war or attack to strengthen security. In order to achieve this each administration must have a strategic vision, which is acceptable and suitable for America’s interests and goals. Given the environmental states of some areas, considerable thought of national power is the key to achieve goals that give the United States a role in the world. “In order to be effective, each new administration has had to express a vision for the U.S. role in the world that doesn’t outrun the experience of the American people, and thus lose the decisive authority or domestic consensus to implement the strategic vision…Given the state of the international and domestic environments and the scope of the administration’s strategic vision of the U.S. role in the world, a key consideration is the feasibility of employing sufficient U.S. national power to achieve core objectives” (Bartholomees). Basically, does the U.S. vision correlate with the American people, and is there enough...

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