National Salvation V. Counter Revolution Essay

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Throughout the American Revolution, the colonists were completely resentful towards their British 'king'. They yearned for their own government, and to finally set themselves apart from George III's rule and his legislation. When the Articles of Confederation were mandated, the expectation was to provide the colonies with a stable government. The Articles were then replaced by the Constitution, which had corresponding values. Essentially the document was written to salvage and improve the new government. The Constitution did many positive things for the nation, and was the perfect remedy for the failures of of the Articles. However, it is manifest that the authors of the document were not as ...view middle of the document...

All in all, Congress clearly saw the weaknesses of the Articles, and prominently took action to reconstruct them. While addressing the Constitutional Convention, Hummel further communicates: “Congress even endorsed the convention. Its official function was to propose revision to the Articles.” The convention created a much more centralized government, practically imitating that of Europe's. Substantially, this presented how the Articles had hardly any to no democracy at all. The Constitution is a perfect example of the counter-revolution, its most vital standards literally countering the fails of the Articles.
Within the Constitution it is apparent that the drafters of the document did not have the most sincere outlooks, and did not have the entire nation at heart. Keep in mind, only the wealthier could afford any means for education, and the majority of the nation was illiterate. Only the most qualified were capable to write the document, and they were obviously part of the wealthier population. Due to this, there is much bias interests and benefits towards the minority of the nation (which includes the actual authors) within the document....

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