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Healthcare is a very important part of every citizen's lives. Many Americans this is a great solution for many Americans who cannot afford healthcare for themselves.Government sponsored healthcare should be in effect for the United States for everyone. There are almost forty million Americans currently that do no have health insurance due to their financial status (Canada 1).Some of the major problems, which are faced in this country in the healthcare industry, are that it is privately owned. The privately owned companies can name any price they want to treat certain things. Washington D.C. is trying a similar concept as stated my the Washington Times "D.C. health officials say they are planning a shake-up of the city's more than $90-million-a-year health program for the poor, moving to eliminate administrative missteps and provide financial incentives to reduce HIV, heart disease and other illnesses" (McElhatton 1).On the other hand, government sponsored healthcare will aide the economy. One of American neighbors, Canada, only spends about one thousand six hundred thirty dollars per person while the United States spends two thousand sixty eight dollars per person in healthcare expenses (Canada 2). Every one in Canada has guaranteed healthcare for everyone regardless of the income or whether the individual can afford it or not. So why is the United States government paying more to treat its individuals even with private healthcare corporations? The answer is simple to this question. The introduction of privately owned healthcare insurances that many employers use increase the prices since they are willing to pay more for treatment. If healthcare were strictly government controlled, this would lead to static prices of healthcare. These will not only aide the economy, but also each American citizen.This is becoming more and more of an issue as time progresses since areas are much more populated. This leads to more people becoming ill and leads to increased death rates. Many people can't afford to pay for their treatments such as cancer. Many people who have cancer will spend millions of dollars to treat those dieses. Usually most health insurance companies do not cover this or will kick the person diagnosed with this dieses since they just cannot afford to treat these patients. So what option is there for the patient? Well, there are actually three theoretical options either goes to Canada to be treated, die, or go on welfare and apply for public aide. According to the Washington Times "The Alliance is entirely funded by D.C. local tax dollars, while Medicaid is jointly funded by the D.C. and federal governments. There are about 140,000 D.C. residents on Medicaid" (McElhatton 1).The only really drawback of government-sponsored healthcare is that there may be long...

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