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National Health Information Network And What It Means To The Modern Day Medical Facility

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At this time in the changes in our health care structure, I feel it necessary to talk about the (NHIN) National Health Information Network. I will explain a few things about NHIN and how NHIN will improve and reduce errors in our networking systems. The NHIN will allow not only the medical organization, but also the patient themselves to access their medical information via the internet. This program will focus on following the consumer’s medical information throughout their lifetime. (Rubin, 2009)
The NHIN is a plan proposed by the United States Government to modernize and improve the privacy and security of patient’s health information. This is vital to all health care organizations to not only keep our patients, physician and all medical staff informed of a patience medical files and health records, but to also maintain the security of their information on a confidential network system. This networking system would elevate “paper” medical files and keep all information on electronic medical files. This not only helps reduce errors and lost information, but the chance of the invasion of privacy. (Rubin, 2009)
The three main priority services of NHIN will be:
• Consumer Empowerment- Registration and Medication History
• Electronic Health Record- Laboratory Result Reporting
• Biosurveillance- Connecting Clinical Care to Public Health (Health, 2009)
The NHIN will be very beneficial in multiple ways such as,
• Finding and retrieving medical information and exchange it between other medical organizations
• Have specialized network functions, matching of a patient to his/hers medical information without the use of the national patient identifier
• Deliver the medical information to the appropriate recipients
• To identify the authentication and authorization...

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