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National Christmas Tree Association Essay

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When someone mentions the word Christmas, many different images can come to mind, depending on who you ask. Some people recall receiving a special gift they had always wanted – perhaps a puppy or a first bicycle. For others the word evokes happy memories of time spent with family and friends, maybe even a grandparent who is no longer with them. A lot of people grow up in homes that don’t celebrate Christmas, so they might associate the holiday with brightly colored public light displays, obligatory gift exchanges at the office, or congested shopping malls. Christmas can even stir up negative emotions in some people, bringing to mind the emptiness felt on the first Christmas after a loved one died or their parents divorced. If you ask the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), they’ll say, “Nothing says Christmas like a Real Christmas Tree”.
Demographic and cultural changes that led to a decline in real Christmas tree sales.
- The changing structure of families (including higher rates of single-parent and divorced households) and increased diversity of the population (introducing new religions and cultures) added to the number of Americas who didn’t celebrate Christmas. This was apparent in a survey done in 2002 where it was implied that nearly one-third of U.S. households did not display any Christmas tree at al, real or artificial.
With two parents working and children involved in multiple extracurricular activities, many families were pressed for time and simply couldn’t interrupt their busy schedules to shop for a Christmas tree, take it home, set it up, decorate it, and at the end of the season, take it down. Also many people didn’t think a Christmas tree was a necessary part of celebrating Christmas anymore.
The dangers of attributing short-term changes in sales and profitability to current events, rather than looking at long-term trends in consumer behavior.
- If industry leaders dismissed the decline in sales as being related to a few isolated “one-time occurrences” and it turned out to be more than just that and they stood back and did nothing, then this would suggest a dim future for this holiday tradition and the Christmas tree industry.
There are many influences that change values including changing family influences:- Less time for in-home or parent-child influence- Increasing divorce rates (broken family traditions)- Isolated nuclear family (geographic separation of generations)There are many different influences that may cause a change in culture and values, causing children to grow up with different traditions and customs than the generation before them. A marketeer must be able to identify and use these changes to create opportunities and be able to adjust strategies to these changes.
The importance of educating consumers on the features of products they buy…How understanding where a product comes from, how it is made, or how it impacts the environment influence consumer decision-making…- Advertising and marketing efforts...

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