Nationalism And Its Effect To Globalization

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Nationalism is a very powerful tool, which can be dangerous if mishandled. It is also similar to tribalism and family which are held together by a sense of kinship. This has facilitated it use by politicians as an opportunity to gain grassroot support for a common goal. The concept of nationalism is vague to many; in this case leaders can shape the concept to refer to virtually anything increasing the vulnerable to people. In essence, nationalism mean’s the strongest sense of identification an individual has in relation to a particular nation. According to Liah Greenfield, Professor of Sociology at Boston University he has defined nationalism as:
"An image of a social order, which involves the people as a sovereign elite and a community of equals".
The difference between a nation and tribe is that, a nation is larger than a tribe and the relationship of nation members is similar to relationship of its citizen. There are several causes of nationalism which have been identified as similar to the root cause of World War 1 to today’s regional and international conflicts, these include; mutual defense alliances where a group of countries make agreements to pull together in a battle to fight a common enemy incase a member is attacked. For instance before First World War there existed several alliances like Serbia and Russia, Russia and France, Britain and Japan among others. In some instances an alliances would declare war but later on, the war could escalate further to alliances when they are defending their allies. Also imperialism caused nationalism as the country tried to extend its power of control and wealth to extra territories. For instance before the First World War parts of Africa and Asia were considered contentious among European countries as they were perceived to be source of raw materials. Their desire to increase their empire led to a confrontation which pushed for World War 1.
Militarism has increased the notion of nationalism as each country would like to show their dominance rule, as happened to World War 1, especially to Russia and Germany where military establishment started to have greater public policy influence. Although political scientist and sociologist have identified the aspects of defense of the territory as a right of the nation to remain recognized. However other cause that shapes the form of a country includes; cultural aspects which have historical and political implications, Societal changes which influences individual and groups to have the desire to go back to their previous regimes, modernization and industrialization of a nation and society in terms of development and technology as happened during the time of Nazi in Germany. Throughout history there have been many causes as well as effects...

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