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Nationalism: The Most Dominate Political Idea In Our Day And Age

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Would it be proper to surmise that nationalism is the most dominate political idea in our day and age? In my humble opinion; yes as evidenced by the ongoing fight and efforts by people to protect their flag, boarders, history and their cultural heritage. Every people who comes together as one body of people unite under one flag.
Today there are 195 different nation all across the world (1), and after July 9, 2011 the number will be 196 different nations (1), and all of these different nations have a few common areas that identify them as a nation and is the symbol of the nationalism of those that live within their country. No matter where a person travels, anywhere in the world, all one has to do is see the flag of the country they find themselves in and they can instantly determine where they are and the local people that makes up the body of people around them. A nation's flag gives a cense of security by providing information on our circumstances that we may find ourselves in. Most of the citizens in most of the nations throughout the world will be quick to say "I am French" or "American" or "I am from Brazil". A countries' flag is the embodiment of the people as a whole and is the first symbol that is usually thought of when one speaks of a nation state. A countries' flag is one representation of a people's nationalism. People are quick to fly their flag durning times of celebration, ceremony and conflict; during times of war it is seen as lawful for combatants to wear their flag to show from what nation they belong. Another important area that shows that nationalism is the most important political idea in this era is the boarders of the nations throughout the world.
How many wars and conflicts have been waged throughout modern history because one body trespassed or invaded another nations boarders? August 2, 1990 the then leader of Iraq invaded Kuwait with more than 100,000 solders and 700 armored tanks (all flying their Iraqi flag) (2). There are few thins that will persuade people to rise up and revolt or defend themselves faster than having their boarders purposely crossed by force. Why is this so? One reason is that is a direct attack on the current state of those who live in the nation, it is an attack on the symbol of the nation and the people who live within it. Treaties between nations will many times offer military support if boarders are attacked. Ships have been fired on and people taken captive for no other reason (supposedly) than being in the wrong side of the boarder. Why? Simply stated, anytime a nations' boarders are trespassed, it is like stealing a bit of that nations' identity, authority and power. Boarders are an important factor in reasoning that nationalism is a leading power in the political world we live in. A nations' history can also be seen as a vital example of the supreme importance in nationalism.
Nationalism is excellently portrayed through a countries' history. History like the flag and...

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