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Nationality Essay

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"Nationality". Not usually a difficult question, doesn't really require much thought. Yet that little white and yellow immigration card caused me more confusion than anything before. But up here, thousands of feet in the air, this was the perfect place to answer.
* * *
Born in Sydney in the late 90's and growing up through the 2000's was a fantastically boring experience. My childhood dotted with memories of complete and utter desolation. Not the bad civil war type desolation, mind you, just a feeling of complete normality so profound it left me with the uneasy feeling of just being average. But this devastating normality wasn't just a condition of my childhood, but also of the city in ...view middle of the document...

You remember some crazy teachers and some of the really strange people in your class, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

School came and went, friends and acquaintances disapered into the fog of the past. Yet I was still left with the uneasy feeling of underachievement.

I suppose it was the profound lack of meaing my early years left me with which was the impetus for my knee jerk decision. Why not completely uproot and move to a land of excitement and promise. Although these grand ideas I had were just a mask for my underlying feelings. I wanted to know where my promise land lied. Why not seek out my family's own past which appeared so enlightening against the backdrop of my own existance. Why not return to my forebearers land of which I heard so much, why not rekindle the prosperity of my annsestors

10 minutes out from the airport and the continual stream of cars surrounding me quickly died down. The huge high-rise apartments that surrounded the road like gleaming towers began to fade; the once bright yellow and red hues of the their paintwork replaced by the shattering grey of the abandoned high-rises. Spain in every single image is a beautiful sun-kissed land of promise. But this? This was just a barren wasteland. As I drove further, the true scale of my disappointment became clear. There were...

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