National Gun Laws Essay

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National Guns Laws
The U.S Supreme Court allowed the national government to require states and local law enforcement officials to enforce national Gun Laws through the Firearms Freedom Act. The act stated that any firearm made and retained in-stage are beyond congress under its power to regulate trade amongst the states. This led to clones of the act being enacted in Utah, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming amongst other states. But the act brought about confusion in many of the states bringing the notion that the US Supreme Court should not have allowed the national government to require states and local law enforcement officials to enforce national Guns Laws. Some of the reasons why are explained below.
One of the reasons is that what is legal in one state could be illegal in another state. This is because different states have different Guns Laws. An example is that in the state of New York, it is a requirement to get a permit from the local courts so as to be allowed to purchase a hand gun. The process of processing the license is conducted by local sheriffs and police department in a period of up to six months. Then after completing the sales, the hand gun is registered. But the permit to carry concealed hand guns is issued only at the discretion of local law enforcement officials of which they are not issued easily. While as in Pennsylvania, fire arms are not registered and no permits are required for hand guns. The law enforcers take less than 48 hours to check on the back ground and records of the prospective gun buyer. In fact a person can get the permit to carry hand guns on meeting a few basic requirements (Yeager, 1997).
The unfortunate and worrying phenomenon is that neither state recognizes the other’s permit. This is a great set back especially to those people who need to travel across a number of states or those who lives near boarders of states with contradicting laws. Instead of the many un-harmonized Gun Laws, there should be some basic unified Gun Laws which apply to all the states.
Another reason against The U.S Supreme Court...

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