National Healthcare Should Not Be Mandated

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One might ask should National Healthcare be allowed to become mandataed or not? If National Healthcare becomes mandated, what do we as the people have left for rights? National Healthcare should not be mandated by the government.
Mandating National Healthcare is violating our rights as people. We should not be told that we have to have healthcare or what doctors we have to see in regards to the governments attempt at forcing us to utilize the healthcare of their choosing. We the people should be able to choose whether we want to have healthcare, how we want to obtain our healthcare coverage, and what doctors we wish to see. According to an article in the McClatchy- Tribune Business News, wrote by JR Ortega, Don Murphy stated that he believes that the government should not manage or regulate individuals' healthcare(July 5th, 2009).
With National Healthcare one can not choose who they want to see if they need a doctor. With this program according to an article in the McClatchy- Tribune Business News, wrote by JR Ortega, people would be stuck with designated government-run physicians(July 5th, 2009). Do you want the government to decide who you doctor is going to be and also be the boss of your doctor? That means your doctor can not do anything related to treatment, such as tests without the approval from the government first.
Not only is mandating National Healthcare taking aware our rights, but it would also be in violation of doctor, patient confidentiality since everyone's health information and medical records would be viewable by the government. Does that make you feel good that your privacy is being violated? Your medical records are available to everyone in the government who is involved in the operations of this health-care program. I know I don't like it. Nobody needs to know about my personal healthcare situations, except for my doctor and me.
Now this is supposed to end up costing individuals less money in the long run they say. I have to say that I disagree. When there is no money to fund this government run, mandatory healthcare program the people are going to be the ones who pay for it. Taxes are going to be raised in order to fund this healthcare plan, causing the people who are working, to be affected by the increase of taxes. The workers will face additional financial burdens that this program's goal was to eliminate. How is that fair to the people who are not in this program, but are actually out there working to pay for the healthcare that they receive through their employer? According to an article in the McClatchy- Tribune Business News, wrote by JR Ortega, Dr. Harish Chanda said “ If you provide insurance to everyone who doesn't work, the people who are working would have to pay more taxes”. Another article published on the Survival Doctors website(February 14th, 2013), stated that according to Dr. John S. O'Shea, “Compared to the private sector, government programs are inefficient, and...

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