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National Parks Essay

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National Parks

'National parks are areas of great natural beauty giving opportunity
for open-air recreation, established so that national beauty can be
preserved and enhanced, and so that the enjoyment of the scenery by
the public can be promoted''.

This is the aim of the National Parks established by the government,
and although a brilliant idea in theory, the above statement has posed
a series or serious problems. Is it possible for the National Parks to
be enjoyed by the general public whilst also preserving the beauty and
peace of these places? Are the National Parks loved to death?

Let us focus on The Lake District, where this conflict of interests is
most apparent. The Lake Districtattracts 12 million visitors a year,
who love visiting the park for its tranquillity, as Chris Boddington,
a spokesperson for the Parks, says, 'The use we make of the hills is
more than just recreation. It represents the chance of recharging
batteries in lives that are becoming more pressurised and
technologically based.' Many other activities are enjoyed at the Park
as well. The lakes are used for fishing, boating and sailing,
canoeing, swimming and water sports. Mountains attract climbers, such
as Chris Boddington, and are used for hikes, biking, abseiling and
skiing in the winter. The mountains and lakes attract many bird
spotters too, as the wildlife is very diverse. The Lake Districtis
used for educational purposes, for geologists and schools. Many
artists and writers have sought inspiration in the Lake District too,
giving it a cultural heritage many wish to experience. Most of all,
however, 67% of people visit the Lake District for its scenery and

All these factors affect the large numbers of tourists visiting the
Lake District, so naturally the locals of the area have adapted to
accommodate the vast amounts of people staying there. As a result of
this 60% of industry in the Lake Districtis tourism related.
Unfortunately the tourism is seasonal, and come winter time when less
people are visiting the area, most income is reduced and business is
highly unreliable. Many tourists wish to buy holiday homes in the
area, meaning that locals can no longer afford the property prices and
are being forced to live elsewhere. Meanwhile, the problem of seasonal
population increases. But the townspeople are reliant on the income
from tourism.

These small villages and towns which are aimed for the tourist trade
are known as 'honey pots' (as in bees to honey), and face more
problems aside from property prices. The roads in these small areas
can't cope with the numbers of people travelling to the Lake
District(which is close to the M6) in cars. The car parks and coach
parks fill up by 11 am. The traffic fills the towns with noise
pollution and air pollution. The people leave the...

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