National Security Council Member For George W. Bush Discussing Usa's Role In The Current Us Iraqi Conflict

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With the eyes of the entire world on us, as well as our very own citizens, it is critical that we state firmly and clearly what role America will have in the U.S.-Iraqi conflict and what our intentions are. I personally would advise the U.S. to take a leadership role in the military attack on Iraq, as well as the building of a new regime in Iraq. The United States has moral responsibilities as a superpower. We should be improving human rights, championing for freedom and democracy, sharing our wealth and technology to improve conditions in the world, and preserving world peace. Our foreign policy reflects this. America is the only country in the world with the military and economic might to stop aggressor nations.
The coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War were led by the United States. The war ended in an armistice on the condition that Saddam disarm weapons of mass destruction. Since the satisfaction of the condition is highly doubtful in the eyes of the world, including the U.N. inspectors, the truce no longer holds. Victory was achieved last time by the U.S. led forces, so the U.S. should lead the coalition again. The coalition against the current War on Iraq is a "coalition of the willing." U.S. is the most willing nation to force Saddam to disarm. Therefore, we should lead the coalition. The U.S. should also lead the attack on Iraq because it is militarily the strongest nation in the coalition.
America's major role in the war and the coalition's victory should grant us the most say in the rebuilding of Iraq. The U.S. is regarded as one of the leading democratic countries of the world. We can show the country how to set up a government that represents the Iraqi people and will respond to their needs. The U.S. should definitely play a role in the aiding of Iraq in the form of money, technology, and supplies, as our actions in the U.S.-Iraqi conflict will cause destruction that will lower the living conditions in Iraq. If America defeats Saddam Hussein but refuses to help the Iraqi people, then this could produce hatred and distrust in Arabs towards Americans. Terrorism would increase. America must play the liberator role, and make the civilians feel safe and comfortable with Americans. The American aid is another reason we should have a say in how the country is set up. With the help of U.S. dollars, Iraq's economy can be rebuilt. The American economy is the biggest in the world, so American advisors should be sent in to design the economy. Oil revenue needs to be directed towards health care and infrastructure, instead of weapons of mass destruction. The oil industry could be used to stabilize the economy and give Iraq an economic future. The United States must work toward normalizing and improving the life of the Iraqi citizens.
America must take the role as leader in this conflict because we have capability to lead the coalition in successfully disarming Iraq. As the lone superpower in the world, America has certain obligations. Human...

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