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Native American Issues In Today's Society

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What if everyday in America there was not an action someone could take because someone of an opposite race sexually assaulted or domestically abused that person? Often news outlets only focus on major even in cities or towns, but never the reservations. With the lack of awareness of the number of rapes and domestic abuse victims on reservations, at large society is saying America doesn’t care due to reservations having sovereignty. Even with new laws signed into place by President Obama to deal with the rape and abuse problems to Native American women, that come from non Native Americans, the problem with this is it’s a pilot only on three tribes (Culp-Ressler,1).It is said it will expand soon, but how soon? America is not known for being speedy on American Indian issues. The numbers of people abuse and/or rape are not only put out there by non- Native American men, but by Native American men as well. Even with the amount of domestic abuse cases and sexual assault cases reported in the Native American, several never report what has happened to them. The statistics are too high, victims often silenced, and the law to put in place to protect them from others has only been put in place in three tribes because of the fear of the tribes abusing the powers.
American Indians get the right to use sovereignty, meaning they deal with any crimes committed against them themselves, but the U.S. government likes to make simple sovereign nations have more complex situations than they should. This only applies to the 550 federally recognized tribes that are out there(amnesty,1). These 550 recognized tribes, though all of them except three lack the capability to prosecute non Native American men, who rape or domestically abuse American Indian women. Dealing with those are non Native American was something all of them were not legally allowed to do, now three can. (Horwitz,2). Now 547 tribes have to wait around to be able to protect those around them. “Can you imagine responding to call where there is clear evidence of a crime committed by an individual and you cannot arrest them? I think the community felt cheated,” Michael Valenzuela, the police chief of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe (Culp-Ressler,1). The quote shows how hopeless those who would normally have power to help can not, and though Native Americans are suppose to have sovereignty it seems to not be a true sovereign nation. If it is a claimed sovereign nation, then congress has to let them deal with all issues on tribal land no matter what the race and right now that is not happening. Once it does, maybe they can be better off and not have to worry as much.
A Native American woman is two point five times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault(amnesty,1). If that fact wasn’t bad enough in only 2008,39% of Native American women said they were victims of domestic violence (Futures Without Violence,2). Even though the numbers are that high, if someone were to ask everyday people in the mall “what racial...

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