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Native American Mascots Essay

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Ever since the 1850s, states, schools, and sports teams have been using Native American mascots. People were cheering on their beloved Indian-named team and applauding them for their fierceness and bravery. Nobody stopped to think that it could be racist. Or that it was disrespectful towards the Native people’s culture and religion. Native American mascots are a politically incorrect, inhumane, and derogatory form of racism that should be of the past. It has almost become a habit. We must break this habit of accepting racism as the norm, and do something about it. We have been blinded for too long and it is time to change our ways. Sports teams and schools should be able to win games and get high marks just as easily without their Indian mascot and name. There are many examples and reasons as to why Native American mascots should be removed.
Kids growing up today are seeing these mascots and accepting them. They aren’t taught about the racism behind them or about the religion of the Native people. People are being taught that yelling war cries and painting blood-red stripes on their faces is respectful towards the Native American religion when in fact, it is racist, hurtful and demeaning. We are teaching generations to come that it is okay. Children that don’t know any better are assuming that Native people are war-like and bloodthirsty killers. But it’s not just limited to sports teams. For example, Disney’s film Peter Pan shows Princess Tiger Lily’s father as an uncivilized and aggressive man holding two characters hostage. Also, a Tom and Jerry cartoon was aired in 1932 titled ‘Redskin Blues’ in which they are saved by the United States’ Army after being attacked by Indians. By promoting stereotypes like this in society, we are allowing children to act on these inaccurate perceptions of Native Americans.
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