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Native American Mascots Should Not Be Used

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Native American Mascots should not be used.

        Native American mascots should not be used. Today we can see that Mascots are used at many places such as sport teams, school, library, etc. However it is the time to withdraw the Redskins nickname. Thus it should not be used because of following reason.
"Mascots reduce the entire race to caricature at a time when health and poverty problems in Indian country need to be addressed with utmost significance." (Perkins, Joseph. Sports team mascots, New York Times, 2003). The vast majority of Native Americans do not like the "Indian" Sports. They references and wish for the entire student to put an end to their tradition which is of recreation and racism. Even if we think our school shows the greatest respect for our team. (2) "Mascots create discrimination."(Taylor, Kelley R. Sports Law & Legislation, Education Digest, Prakken publication, 2002) Generally the mass of disputes about using American Indian names in school sports have assumed violation of the Equal protection clause of the US constitution, which protect a person from discrimination on the matter base of race, color, national origin, religion, and sex. (3) "Mascots sometimes create Hostile environment." (Taylor, Kelley R. Sports Law & Legislation, Education Digest, Prakken publication, 2002) Hostile environment created by many different ways of using mascots. For certain students, a racially hostile environment created by the American Indian in school mascot's attire and behavior, logos, and team, which would violate federal laws. In facts a racially environment may be created by oral, written graphic, or physical conduct redacted to an individual's race, color or national origin that is...

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