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Native American Sports Essay

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Native Americans are known for many different qualities they had as a part of their lifestyle. The games and sports they created to play that are now used in today’s society, lacrosse being the most famous. Some of the games played in the early times are either drastically changed or no longer played. There are many different Native American tribes that factor out cultural differences and depending on the tribe, the lifestyle qualities such as sports, games, and rituals differentiate between one another.

All games varied depending upon the tribal culture. Most matches were set up to play tribe versus tribe and other matches were played where villages of the same tribe challenged other villages. There were three groups of Indians that played games with variations of rules, the Southeastern tribes, Great Lakes tribes, and Iroquoian or New England tribes. Of the Southeastern tribes were the Cherokee Indians, Choctaw Indians, Chickasaw Indians, Creek Indians, Seminole Indians, and Yuchi Indians. All of these different tribes would play each other in the games because they had the same and or very similar rules. Of the Great Lakes tribes were the Ojibwe Indians, Menominee Indians, Patawatomi Indians, Sauk Indians, Fox Indians, Miami Indians, Winnebago Indians, and Santee Dakota Indians. These groups of Indians would generally play each other because they had the same rules. The Southeastern tribes and the Great Lakes tribes didn’t play each other because they used different materials and didn’t play under the same circumstances. Both of these tribal groups played tribe versus tribe and village versus village. The Indian tribes that had a big population were the ones who had tournaments within the tribe. Eventually the Great Lakes tribes form of games were abandoned as they picked up with another groups rules. The last group was the Iroquoian or New England tribes. This group of Indians did not have any certain tribes to make up their big tribe. They all just went by the name of Iroquoian Indians. Like the other groups, this one played themselves. It is known that the Iroquoian Indians played village versus village because they didn’t have so many different tribes of Indians. All of these groups of Indians were famous for the sport Lacrosse (Thomas Vennum Jr.).

The sport that Native Americans are most famous for is Lacrosse. It was widely, and still is, commonly known throughout the Americas. While mostly found played near the Atlantic Seaboard and around the Great Lakes area, it was also played in the South, on the grasslands and plains in California, and in the Pacific Northwest. There were three different forms of Lacrosse based on the equipment that was used, the type of goal used, and stick handling techniques. These different forms could be found throughout many different tribes and tribal groups. The materials used in this sport were curved rackets, one ball, goal posts, and the players. The ball was generally made of either wood or...

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