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Native AmericansThe Lewis and Clark Expedition set out with several goals when they left the St. Louis area in 1804. One of the many goals was to carry out diplomacy and gather information about the various tribes of American Indians encountered on their journey. Though Lewis and Clark were the first American's to see what would later grow into the western United States, the same lands had been long inhabited by Native Americans. During their journey, contact was exchanged with at the very least, over 50 Native American tribes. They quickly learned the many definitions of the word 'Indian' and how the tribes were all different in their own ways and cultures. Each and every tribe had their own rituals and ways of doing things; every tribe was completely different. For example, the Great Basin Indians were known as digger indians often found digging for wild edible plants. The Northwest Coastal Indians were woodworkers and known for their large totem poles. The Plains Indians were known for their nomadic lifestyle and being well skilled hunters. The Plateau Indians were well known for their fishing and salmon was always their first food choice. There were over 300 languages spoken throughout the tribes, and most spoke through sign language. Some groups were met only through individual councilmembers , while others were met with in formal boards of council. Many tribes played great roles in the expedition by saving the travelers from dying of starvation, and losing their way along their journey across the country. Some welcomed and were interested in the explorers while others acted fearful, threatened, and defensively. Tribes like the Blackfeet and Lakota had unfriendly, defensive confrontations with the Corps, while others, like the Mandan, and Nez Perce forged friendships and alliances in which written entries from their journals still remain intact after 200 years. The Corps of Discovery may not have completed their journey in one piece if it were not for the Native American relationships formed along the way.In order to communicate with the American Indian tribes and higher-ups along the way, Lewis received a class in diplomacy and information about known tribes from Dr. Benjamin Rush in Philadelphia. Lewis implemented the fact that gift giving and trade were important parts of...

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Lewis ans Clark Expedition Essay

849 words - 3 pages Tennessee, on his way from St. Louis to Washington, Lewis commits suicide at Grinder's Stand, an inn south of Nashville.1838September:William Clark had married Julia "Judith" Hancock, for whom he named a river in Montana; been respected as Indian agent (Native Americans called St. Louis the "Red-Headed Chief's Town"); successful in business; and several times appointed governor of the Missouri Territory (though he lost the first election to be the new state's governor, after being accused of being too "soft" on Indians). On this date he dies at the home of his eldest son, Meriwether Lewis Clark.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Sacagawea

1220 words - 5 pages “ Everything I do is for my people” (Quotes From Sacagawea?). This fun loving naturalist that liked to help others was way more of a hero then she appears to be. Sacagawea, or also referred to as Sacagawea with a “g” or Sacakawea with a “k”, is known for her history in the Lewis and Clark expedition.(Sacajawea) She was born in Lemhi Mountains, which is now called Idaho, in 1788. She was the daughter of the Chief of the Indian Tribe, Shoshone

The Expedition of Lewis & Clark

1125 words - 5 pages The Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-1806 provided the country with its first western heroes and revealed a land so bounteous and alluring that nature itself appeared to have smiled upon the American republic. In 1803, the year of the Louisiana Purchase, the United States was a strong, confident nation with a population of six million. Americans were building canals, bridges, factories, and highways and experimenting with steamboats and gas

The Importance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

682 words - 3 pages The Lewis and Clark Expedition is one of the great benefits for the U.S nation. The participants of this expedition left a legacy for younger generations of the skills needed for their discoveries and contributions. Species of animal and plants would have not be discover as well and the knowledge about them. It has been known as one the most important evolution for the growth in the land of U.S grounds and if not for the expedition, the

How the Lewis and Clark expedition changed America: positively, through westward expansion and indian relations; negatively, through indirect destruction of native american tribes

5928 words - 24 pages January 2004, .77. Hall, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 96.78. "Jefferson to Lewis," 1803. Quoted in Hall, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 13.79. "Native Americans of North America," Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2003, Microsoft Works Suite 2003, Microsoft Corporation, 2003.80. "Native Americans of North America," Encarta Encyclopedia.81. "Native Americans of North America," Encarta Encyclopedia.82

Describe the Lewis and Clark Expedition. What were the problems encountered? How did Lewis and Clark prepare for it? What were the results of the Expedition?

1741 words - 7 pages Spaniards. The Spanish people sent soldiers to stop the expedition, worrying about the fact that the Americans would enter Spanish territory and claim land for the United States. Even though the Spanish never got the any of the expedition members, it was still a constant issue of worry for Lewis and Clark.Talking about Lewis and Clark, they weren't the only people who contributed to the expedition, who were worried about certain things, and who felt

This essay describes the Lewis and Clark expedition, and what effects it had on the U.S

1033 words - 4 pages of land. Meriwether Lewis was made Governor of the Louisiana territory, while Clark became Brigadier of the Louisiana Territory Militia.Lewis and Clark put an end to the fables about the West. They had come back with many accomplishments, among of which were discovering and categorizing 122 new types of animals, 178 new types of plants, and explaining a vast amount about the Native Americans' vocabulary, customs, and lifestyles.Although they failed to find a water route across North America, they succeeded as scientists and pathfinders who helped draw the nation west. Because of them, The United States could hope to become a nation whose lands reached the Pacific.

Impact of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

1168 words - 5 pages period. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are the two men that are greatly known for their expedition across the Louisiana Territory. These two subjects, the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, altered our nation immeasurably. The Louisiana Purchase came as a surprise that neither Thomas Jefferson nor anyone else had ever dreamed of. It began with Thomas Jefferson sending two men, James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston, to Paris

Lewis and Clarks Expedition

1619 words - 7 pages . Sacajawea was influential in bargaining for horses and supplies on the expedition, interpreting and also help keep peace among Native Americans. Lewis and Clark were stunned to find that there was no water way from Idaho to the Pacific Ocean. So this became one of the biggest struggles for the group. They would try to find a pass over the Continental Divide. This was close to the Great Falls of the Missouri River.The expedition struggled

Lewis and Clark Exploration

2336 words - 9 pages PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 9 Name: Heather SandyCourse:Tutor:Date:Lewis & Clark ExpeditionThe expedition of today's America owes much to Lewis and Clark. However, as they carried on with their journey, the help of the Native Americans was critical. This is because of the immense support that individuals such as Sacagawea and the black slave gave to them in their journey. The expedition was a difficult one due to many factors, which Lewis and

Lewis and clark

647 words - 3 pages line of trade with Indians. Lewis and his co-commander William Clark set out in the spring of 1804.Lewis and Clarks first encounter was with the Mandan Indians, in what is now the state ofNorth Dakota, while traveling up the Missouri River. With winter starting Lewis and Clarkdecided to stay among the Mandan's. The Mandan's were Native Americans who did notstray from the planes to hunt like many other tribes. The Mandan chose to stay on

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1183 words - 5 pages Congress asking for approval and funding of the exploration of the Westward part of the continent and was granted 2500-dollar budget for the expedition. Captain Meriwether Lewis was chosen as the expeditions’ leader because of his previous experience with the west and because he was an experienced Army officer. William Clark another Army officer was chosen as Lewis’s co-captain in the expedition. On May 21, 1804 Lewis, Clark, and the 33 other

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1346 words - 6 pages Native Americans tribes were very suspicious and untrusting to these foreigners of their land. One thing that did not help Lewis and Clark out was that they were not very understanding of the different cultures. This is what got them in trouble most of the time. Luckily, the Native Americans were very willing to drop an argument for some tobacco. (2. Delms) (4. " lewis & clark expedition --reading 1.") As I look at just a few of the hardships

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1626 words - 7 pages Americans and their gifts warmly. They were also intrigued with Clark's servant York. Both sides pledged peace and his meeting also ended peacefully. The expedition left and continued north. Winter was near so Lewis and Clark decided that they would camp with the Mandans for the winter. They were the largest group of Indians in the west. They too, welcomed the men warmly. The Americans began building their fort and it was then that Lewis began

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811 words - 4 pages length of seven thousand six hundred and eighty nine miles, and at the cost of thirty eight thousand seven hundred and seventy two dollars and twenty five cents. Lewis and Clark’s Expedition would not have been as successful as it was without the help of George Drouillard, Sacajawea, and the Native American tribes they encountered. These Native Americans helped provide shelter, food, knowledge, and artifacts to Lewis and Clark on their journey