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Native Western Cultures Of Mauritius And Andaman Islands Changed By Globalization

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The people of Mauritius and a people from the Andaman Islands known as the Jarawa are two examples of native non-Western cultures that have been impacted by globalization. The Jarawa, being resident to the Andaman Islands, have a long history of faltering due to globalization. This isolated group of people are a specimen of ancient and unadulterated genetics. They are vulnerable to sea-bound and sea related disasters that have disrupted their numbers, their way of life, and survival.
The Jarawa were an isolated but self sufficient culture that survived on the Andaman Islands for millennium and generations. The Jarawa are one of the two only known tribes that have not learned how to produce fire. The Jarawa, being resident to the Andaman Islands, found themselves inhabiting a highly useful and strategic in terms of seafaring and points of empire. The British founded a penal colony at Port Blair in 1858, with disastrous consequences for the indigenous population, whose numbers declined rapidly because of disease and social disruption (Endicott et al 2003).
Currently the Andaman Islands is a relatively well-known regional tourist attraction and safeguarded national treasure of India. The Jarawa people are struggling to preserve their livelihood and continue their traditions. At the same time the Jarawa and their neighbors are beginning to understand the needs and benefits of the Island becoming a tourist attraction and the inevitable nature of this occurrence. The Jarawa people and the Andaman Islands represent a treasure trove of anthropological, linguistic, and ecological specimens and research. The result is that at a particular point of time in human history, genetic and linguistic parallels may not match (Abbi 2009). The Jarawa people, along with its neighbors on the Andaman Islands have been highly susceptible to the diseases brought to the island by Westerners; this has been evident since the island's colonization by the government of Bengal in 1789.
Mauritius is another ecologically sensitive and isolated environment that has been impacted by globalization. Like the Andaman Islands Mauritius provides increasingly attractive travel and tourism opportunities. Mauritius has long been self sustainable, it's isolated location, and the pristine opportunities it presents to get away and interact with an entirely new and rich ecosystem has contributed to the diversity of the island and also the island's current bout with inequality. Mauritius has long been a serene and oderly island. It gained prominence in 1810 due to its changing ownership indirectly through colonization. Its people, Mauritians, are composed of native Mauritians as well as Chinese and French Mauritians. Mauritius has to find new ways and means to ensure the growth of its economic pie, sustain its competitive edge and retain inter-ethnic peace and harmony (Bunwaree 2002). Mauritius has up until very recently been an isolated locale and exotic travel destination for a few in the...

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