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Nativism And Racism Essay

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After the American Civil War, immigration has played a critical role that was seen as a problematical threat on religious, cultural, economic, and political aspects. Due to immigration from Europe, the United States population increased exceptionally in which has allowed a diverse view or perspective in Nativism and Racism. Both of these ideologies have various differences with definite degrees being successful during the elements of American history. Elements contained by immigrant groups or policies such as the “Jim Crow Laws” or “Ku Klux Klan” have significantly reformed patterns within America’s settlements.
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This nativists group is “founded as TN social club in 1866, terrorized black and white Republicans” (Faragher, 17), who attacked and killed thousands of Catholics and Jews who wanted to migrate into new lands. Immigrants wanted to live life just like normal American citizens, but these groups made it difficult for them to do so.
Instead of being discriminated based on ethnic background, “racism” is the discrimination based strictly on race. Racism has existed throughout human history, and as of today currently still exists. “Racism became one of the main forces in the South during Reconstruction Racism” (Faragher, 17). It is referred by the hatred of one person due to the color of their skin, the language spoken, or any factor that does not meet the similar characteristics of most citizens. Racism has influenced wars, slavery, and legal codes such as the “Black Code”, a series of state laws restricting “black” freedoms. These restrictions are as follows, denied the right to vote, to bear arms, “the rights of citizenship” (Faragher, 17), and to leave their jobs immediately and move elsewhere as they were considered servants now instead of slaves. After the end of slavery in 1865 with the South’s defeat in the Civil War, life of black Americans improved slightly. One way was with the new policy known...

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