Natural Biopolymer Materials Carboxymethyl Cellulose Based Protonic Conducting Biopolymer Electrolyte And Application In Rechargeable Protonic Battery

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Over a year, the electrochemical power was obtained by using liquid electrolyte due to its high ionic conductivity. Yet, this liquid electrolyte gives a lot of problems such as leakage, reaction with electrode, and poor electrochemical stability, which makes it unsuitable for the use in electrochemical devices. When the first reported solid polymer electrolyte was made in 1973, the researcher realized that this polymer electrolyte can be used to replace the liquid electrolyte due to its excellent mechanical and thermal stability and high ionic conductivity [1] and [2]. Solid polymer electrolytes are the key material of all-solid-state energy devices and have been extensively studied in the fields of materials science [4], polymer science [5], and electrochemistry [6]. Within the realm of solid polymer electrolytes, proton conducting solid polymer electrolytes (PCSPEs) has become materials of growing interest because of their wide raging applications in electrochemical devices such as solid-state batteries.

Solid-state batteries are playing a vital role in the development of science and technology, from portable electronics on one extreme to electric vehicles to backup power sources in aircraft. With solid state batteries, problems in conventional liquid electrolyte battery systems such as spillage, difficulty in handling liquids during manufacturing, corrosiveness of liquid electrolyte with container and sealants [1], low power to weight ratio and limited shelf life [2] can be overcome. Particularly Li+ ion batteries based PCPSEs have recently involved huge attention for vehicular application due to ionic radii of Li+ ion are small and hence it could be intercalated into the layers of the layered materials. However, this type of batteries is high cost, difficulty in handling lithium electrodes and safety are some of the new problems. Hence, the proton (H+) based rechargeable protonic battery can be considered as cost-effective alternatives and appear a good alternative for lower energy density battery applications in spite of a smaller electrochemical stability window compared with Li+ batteries [3] and [4] [6-journal aku]..

Although rechargeable protonic...

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