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Natural Disasters And Their Desctructive Nature

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Anatural disasteris a normal phenomenon of nature that affects the society and environment.A natural physical event that kills people (directly or indirectly) or exceeds local capacity to control damage or initiate recovery efforts
The situation or event which overwhelms local capacity, necessitating a request to national levelfor external or international assistance. "
This means that the situation or event overflows the capacity locally, showing that not only the In the case of the United States, assistance for extreme events is linked by law to the disaster declaration issued by the president.
Current situations are presented in the last partof the century and no doubt can help to ...view middle of the document...

Hurricane winds
Most of the damage is a result of rain entering the buildings where windows, doors or ceiling were broken by windborne objects. These objects are commonly shingles, tree limbs, or loose outside objects homes. Mitigation is to build the house so that it does not disintegrate structurally, and the outer layer remains intact, protecting glasses especially during hurricanes.
The third strategy is to evacuate available imminent danger. Threats where this strategy can be effective include:
Volcanic Eruptions
Although there is no guarantee of predicting an eruption, and considering that property can be damaged enough, many lives can still be saved through evacuation.
The strategy should include escape routes to safety, shelter, information disclosure, and, if possible, a system of public warning.
Areas where high winds and tidal waves can be expected to be evacuated as a complement mitigation. Escape routes, shelters and information are components of mitigation.
Evacuation to higher ground when a tsunami warning is in effect. The strategy will be supplemented with a wave model based on 3-D description of the ramp and continental shelf to the coast. This will make it possible to predict the growth of tsunami for each bay on the coast, so that the alert is more accurate, and thus prevent people lose respect for alerts.
In general, it can be considered that natural hazards are inaccessible to human intervention, but in some cases can take action to prevent the event occurring. Some examples are:
Debris flow
Adequate vegetative cover on slopes conducive to the flow of mud would make a big difference in preventing, avoiding the formation of debris flows. Since mudflows can not be mitigated, a large probability of this threat in the valley prevents the location of human settlements. So, the only solution, and very good indeed, is always to maintain good vegetation on the slopes at risk.
The river flow can be regulated by means of the construction of large reservoirs. The water level at a given flow rate can be adjusted by geometric changes in the channel. In cases where significant infrastructure is threatened, the construction of dams could be an option. However, building dams is a reckless, complicated, controversial and short-term "solution".The four steps of disaster management
One can identify four types of activities related to natural hazards, two before the event, and two after it happened; when two close and two distant in time:
The measures of mitigation activities are well in advance of the event, such as building homes to withstand strong winds.
The measures of preparedness actions are taken when the event is imminent, as the windows with boards protect and evacuate flood zones.
Measures of reaction are emergency actions taken during or immediately after the event, as auxiliary persons in distress and provide food to isolated areas.
The measures of reconstruction are activities...

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