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Natural Disasters: The Terror Of The World   

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    For many years natural disasters have affected people all around the world. Things such as tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, avalanches, forest fires and floods can cause big amounts of destruction and cost thousands of lives. These events cause the loss of lives and cost millions of dollars. Now, what are these events and what causes them?
            One of these tragic and enormous events are the tornadoes, which is a gust of wind that would destroy anything in its path. The most powerful usually occur in the United States. A typical one only lasts for a few minutes. You usually need to step on the pedal of a car pass 60 miles per hour to outrun the fastest tornadoes in the ...view middle of the document...

Each year southern California area has about 10,000 earthquakes;and the majority of which will go unnoticed. If there is a large earthquake, however, the aftershock sequence will produce many more earthquakes of all magnitudes for months. They also are the cause of destroyed houses every year. The largest earthquake ever recorded was in Chile.
Avalanches are one of the deadliest natural disasters out there. They can strike before you even have a chance to get out of the way. Avalanches are nothing more than falling or sliding snow and sometimes rocks and other debris are mixed in. These large masses of falling snow can come down in many forms and ways as well. Avalanches are categorized in different types according to the way they fall and how much they bring down. The four basic types are; wet snow, slab, powder, and ice fall. Wet snow avalanches occur in the spring time. They are caused by elevated temperatures. Slab avalanches occur when the formed sheet of snow breaks loose. Powder is lightly new fallen snow that turns into an avalanche. And of course ice fall is the fall of loose ice(avalanche of ice).
Floods are very dangerous, they are one of the most deadly natural disasters. Especially, because every state is vulnerable. They are also the most common. Flash floods can be up to ten feet high. They are caused by the melting of snow and heavy rains. Floods are widespread aside from forest fires. 90 percent of all U.S. natural disasters declared by the President involve some sort of flooding. 2,000 square...

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