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Natural Environment Training For Language Essay

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Reflection Piece #14
The topic for today’s readings was Natural Environment Training for Language. One of the readings, Putting It All Together, provided an informative description of how important is implementing ABA/VB within the natural environment during therapy sessions also the role that parents play in their child’s progress. It is recommendable for the parents to participate at least one hour of their daily child’s therapy sessions so they can see where the child's is in his overall functioning and figure out what types of items and activities the child considers reinforcing to then being able to teach their child throughout an entire day by applying error correction procedures and avoiding problem behaviors to be reinforced. The same reading described the process of starting therapy sessions together with intensive teaching sessions, which is a process consisting of four steps that will help the child to mastered the chosen targets. This intensive ...view middle of the document...

This discussion included the potential barriers to translation of terminology between the two approaches that can be overcome to provide a better communication and collaboration between communities.
I strongly agree with parents participating more in their child’s therapy sessions as well as requiring the help of everyone who works with the child to assess current functioning and to determine potential reinforcers. As well as the parents pairing themselves with reinforcing items and activities, or to keeping track of problem behaviors and implementing the strategies to reduce them.
However, one of the issues that I observed with NTAs and the participation of the parent to a better and possibly faster outcome is that even though parents participate one daily hour of their child’s session it could not be enough time to know how to appropriately use reinforcers or how to make error corrections.
Also as already mentioned in the lecture, parents play a huge role because they have the opportunity to teach the child throughout an entire day therefore a malpractice of any techniques used can be harmful for the child progress. While using NTAs, to focus on only one mand or to try to teach too many at a time are one of the examples of how NTAs can represent harm for the development of the targeted skill.
Moreover, besides attending their child’s speech sessions it is also good to use other tools that can help the parent to expand the use of techniques in other settings such as home. This other tools can be books that also teach them how to implement the same techniques that the speech pathologist is using with the child in any settings giving them the opportunity to convert a simple trip to the grocery shop in a learning experience for their child. In conclusion more than merely attending for a specific amount of time to the child’s session, the parents should try to engage as much as possible in the process and to utilize other available tools or resources.
Discussion Questions
1. Why verbal behavior consultants disagree on manding not being taught during ITT sessions but during NET?
2. Why is NET difficult to do by therapists that are not fluent with the foundation of VB?

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