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Birth control has been around the United States since the early 1840’s. Since then, there have been many developments towards birth control such as, birth control pills, patches, shots, and sterilization, but with these results there are risks. Some of these risks may include marital, physical, and emotional endangerment. Natural Family Planning (NFP) should be the only type of birth control used in the United States due to the low divorce rate of its advocates and the health risks and violations of the Catholic Church which contraception imposes.
Couples who use Natural Family Planning have a lower divorce rate compared to couples who use contraception. Statistics have shown that the divorce rate of couples who use Natural Family Planning is less than 3% compared to a 500% more likely divorce rate for couples who use contraception as of 1913 (“What Does Church,” Internet). There are factors that play into why NFP has a low divorce rate.Since NFP includes planning times of when to have intercourse, it helps couples to find other ways ofexpressing affection. As a result their intimacy grows. If there is no self-control, couples will take each other for granted, but in NFP, there is not sexual activity constantly happening so couples can space when they do or do not have intercourse. Because NFP requires couples to share in the responsibility of marriage, couples have opportunities to discuss their plans, which result in an increase of communication and understanding with each other; therefore, the husband gives more respect towards his wife’s body. Couples won’t feel guilty or have anxiety if they practice chastity within marriage and obey the Church’s teachings on sexuality. Their wills and God’s wills allow them to deepen their spiritual lives and love of each other. The Church states, “NFP favors attention for one’s partner, helps both parties to drive out selfishness, theenemy of true love, and deepens their sense of responsibility” (Evert, 3-5).
The use of different contraceptive methods poses major health risks. Studies from Mayo Clinic have shown that women who take the Pill before having their first child will have a higher risk of breast cancer. The Pill also increases a women’s risk of cervical cancer, liver cancer, and possible fatal blood clots. Birth control producers and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) have acknowledged these risks to be true (qtd. in Evert, 28). After receiving the Shot (Depo-Provera), a women’s bones start to thin out. The FDA has attached the highest warning to this drug known as the “Black Box Warning.” This warning indicates to users that this prescription has serious, major risks, which should not be taken lightly. Many women have sued the makers for over one hundred million dollars (Evert, 30). A database containing sixteen thousand different reports show that twenty-three deaths were linked to the Patch (Ortho Evra,) in which seventeen of the twenty-three deaths were dealing with blood clots. Because...

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