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Natural Fires Essay

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Natural fires occur in many locations throughout the United States, and can happen every day. These fires mostly take place in the west. A few of my relatives live there and could possibly be in harm’s way near the fires. Even though there is a much smaller chance of a fire starting in Maryland, people would still be affected if only one natural fire were to start. Those effects can be costly to the people, and can even be a long-term effect. For example the fire could increase the risk of flooding, debris flows, and landslides; smoke and other emissions from the fire have pollutants that can cause health problems; destruction of wildlife habitats and our communities ...view middle of the document...

When a fire occurs, the grizzly bear can run away. Natural fires create a variety of burned and unburned vegetation, since grizzly bears are very mobile animals they can easily go to the unburned areas in search of food, and shelter that can help them survive. The fires increase diversity of habitats across the United States, and this can be beneficial to these bears. EXPLANATION OF NICHE. Although, if White bark strands get burned there will be a decrease number of pine nuts; bears will move to other places in search of food, and may come in contact with humans, and this would be unsafe.
Fire has important effects on the abiotic (non-living) components of an ecosystem, particularly the soil. Fire can affect the soil by direct contact with it and by its effects on the plant community associated with it.[5] By removing overhead vegetation, fire can lead to increased solar radiation on the soil surface by day, resulting in greater warming, and to greater cooling through the loss of radioactive heat at night. Fewer leaves left to intercept rain will allow more moisture to reach the soil surface. In addition, plant transpiration (the process by which water travels through plants and evaporates through pores in the leaves) will be reduced following a fire, allowing the soil to retain more moisture. Exposure to sunlight, wind and evaporation, however, will work in the other way, to dry...

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