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Natural Force Essay

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A primal energy permeates nature in a frenetic state of perpetual change. It impacts on subtle and dramatic levels, and moves us to behave, believe, and exist in a certain ways. It feeds us, energizing our mind, spirit, and bodily sensations. This force of nature, it’s energy, can wash over us like a cool breeze on a summer afternoon. Or like, in Edvard Munch’s painting, “The Scream”, hit us like a cacophony, splintering, bird sound tsunami. Symphony or shockwave, its effect, depends on perspective and circumstance. Regardless, the energy essence of nature manifests all around us, yet mostly eludes a description.

I believe nurturing connection to this energy heightens quality of life. Through connecting, we attune to the vibratory rhythm of nature and ultimately our own self. Connecting lifts us to heights of awareness like no other force, and through my work, I attempt to relate. Purposefully through art, I make an effort to touch or refer, to capture this force, this frenetic energy of nature. I know the outcome can only translate or reference this energy at best, however in trying, I believe I can sometimes allude to this force in my work. And, if I’m lucky, my work may remind the viewer of his or her own personal experience with this energy’s essence, this natural force.

I attempt to realize this energy through two main methods of painting. Primarily opposed, one draws on internal sources, and the other external. For clarity, I refer to each method using acronyms. For some time now, I have fondly referred to my earlier method and an upcoming pun exists for those who know my work. I do not intend it to be derogatory, only descriptive. Besides, I can not resist the urge to laugh at my own peculiar way of being.

The first method I’ve been cultivating for years now sources internally, using emotion and memory as key variables. I refer to it as “transcendental meditative inscription”, or TMI for short. For those of you who know my work, the pun afforded by the acronym will be clear. (As a side note, in our culture, TMI means, “too much information”.) “Transcendental meditative inscription” best describes the manner in which this work generates. A transcendental experience occurs while using a meditative method through an inscription-like technique. Although “inscribe” normally refers to writing, I carefully chose a form of the word to heighten understanding on the nature of the mark-making taking place, which is writing-like. I did, however, find one particular definition suitable, “to draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible”. I think that well describes the overload of mark information on any given piece created using this style.

These mindful depictions harbor a magnitude of detail, which attempt to overpower the...

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