Organic Is The Way To Go

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Reunna WolffBIO-220May 9, 2014Tina DeCellesORGANIC IS THE WAY TO GOOrganic foods are grown with only natural fertilizers, and animals are not given medications like growth hormones, therefore, organic foods are better for consumers and our environment. One of the reasons why customers do not purchase organic foods, is because of the higher prices and they question the health benefits.Organic foods are by far the best choice a shopper can make when looking to have a healthier lifestyle. Although the USDA makes no claim that organic foods are better for you than conventional foods, consumers who prefer to eat organic foods, rather than conventional foods, believe they are choosing the healthier lifestyle. Customers that choose to buy organic fruits, vegetables, and even meats, trust that they are cutting out any toxins that might be used during the growing process. Other people would argue that even though organic foods might be a little healthier, the price is too high for them to buy the better choice. Customers that are for organic foods believe that organic foods are healthier, since crops are usually grown without synthetic pesticides, fake fertilizers, irradiation, or biotechnology. Animals on organic farms that consume organic feeds, are not restricted 100 percent of the time, they are allowed to roam outside, and are raised without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones (DeCostole, n.d.). Researchers at Washington State University discovered that whenever they allow a strawberry plant to grow without persistent pesticides - it yields a certain phytochemicals to help produce its own pest control. And new studies are concluding that those chemicals may improve the nutritional profile of the plant (Is Organic Food, n.d.). Finally, compared with conventional milk, organic milk has higher levels of omega-3 fats, if a high quantity is drank, it can protect against heart disease and may decrease the risk of depression, stroke, cancer and other diseases (Haspel, April 7).Consumers who question whether organic foods are any better for your body doubt that they are healthier than conventional foods, and would not pay the high price that is associated with the food. According to the USDA, they make no formal claims that organically produced food is any safer or more nutritious than conventionally produced food. Organic food differs from conventionally produced food in the way it is grown, handled, and processed (Going Organic, 2010). Organic farms do not use synthetic pesticides on their crops, however, they do use organic pesticides that have been related to a wide variety of diseases-some at lower doses than synthetic ones. The plain truth is, all pesticides are intended to kill, and natural ones are not in any way less hazardous (Wilcox, 2012). According to a Fox News report, one of the reasons behind the higher costs of organic foods is the very fact that the farmers who raise organic crops have to hire extra help to hand-weed and clean...

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