Organic Or Not? Essay

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Throughout the history people have always tried to choose what is the best for themselves. When it comes to food products, some people prefer the so-called "organic" products to the more traditional ones. Many people have became aware of the ways that the farmers use to cultivate their farms in modern agriculture, and decided to protects themselves by switching to organically developed foods. The presence of organic stamp will not always provide the consumer with a better source of nutrition that one might be looking for. I strongly believe that many people are simply throwing their money away by paying such excessive amounts of money for the food products that have same amount of nutrition as the traditional ones do.First, in order to distinguish between the two, we need to understand the concept of organic foods. The term "organic" is usually associated with the specific characteristics of the product. Actually, it refers to the set of methods and rules that were used during the production of these organic products. Under no circumstances would organic practitioners agree to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides for raising their crops. Instead, they would rather resolve to the natural resources. This also upholds to be true for the livestock farming, where animals are not given any hormones or steroids that are usually used to help the animals to maintain good health and grow big fast.There are several reasons why people go with the organic choice. When consumers purchase organically grown food products, most of them think that they are getting a product that is safer and nutritionally better than the one from the local supermarket. Many "organic" proposals suggest that their foods are safer because they have lower levels of pesticide residues and absence of other "unnatural" chemicals. However, the pesticide levels in our food supply are not as high as consumer may be led to believe. According to VegSource, the pesticide residues have been scientifically proven to increase one's likelihood of contracting illnesses, such as cancer, in proportion to the quantities in which they are consumed ( Although, generally speaking, what helps to significantly reduce the risk of contamination by pesticide residue from fruits and vegetables, whether organic or non-organic, is a simple but thorough wash before consumption of these products.There is no direct evidence that organically produced food is any safer and more nutritious than its conventionally produced counterpart. Also, there are some consumers that believe that buying "organic" is...

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