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Natural Over Processed Essay

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Food has been a common source of necessity in our everyday lives as humans. It helps gives us nutrition and energy to live throughout our life. Over several decades, the development of making foods has evolved. They have changed from natural to processed foods in recent years. Nowadays natural ingredients are barely used in the making of foods like bread, cheese, or yogurt. The food industry today has replaced natural food making with inorganic ingredients. The cause of this switch is due to processed foods being easier, cheaper and faster to make. Artificial nutrition and processed foods have been proven to last longer in market shelves then natural foods. Also, due to artificial additives in processed foods they help satisfy consumers taste more than natural ingredients. The method of producing processed foods is common in today's food industry and helps make money faster and efficiently for companies. Examples of this can be found in all markets that distribute food. Even though processed foods may be easier and faster to make, they are nowhere near as healthy for consumers compared to natural foods. Natural foods are healthier, wholesome, and beneficial to the human body and planet then processed foods.
Natural foods are described as whole foods that are grown in gardens, and are unprocessed and unrefined. The downside of natural foods is that they have a shorter shelf life then processed foods. These foods are authentically flavorful, have vibrant colors, and rich textures. "Moreover, they are full of the micronutrient vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fiber. Typically, they require longer preparation times. In contrast, they receive very little media advertising, and are not well funded with government subsidies"(Aguilar). Natural foods can be found at farmers markets, and at fresh fruit and vegetable stands. Examples of whole foods are grains, vegetables, and fruits. Processed foods, on the other hand, are produced using manufacturing methods to transform raw ingredients into neatly packaged goods, which have a longer shelf life. "Some of the artificial ingredients used include monosodium glutamate (MSG), flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oil, fillers, and artificial sweeteners. Usually, consumers can prepare them quickly allowing immediate intake"(Siipi).
One reason why natural foods are better than processed foods is because they are more nutritious then processed foods. Natural foods come from nature and this makes them organic. This is due to all of the vitamin filled nutrients they supply. This natural source of food causes organic foods to be much more nutritious and nourishing to the human body. Unlike processed foods, natural foods are not enhanced to add more flavors. The origins of natural food gives it more nutrition then inorganic foods because they are real and natural. This benefits the human body because the real nutrition that it gives allows humans to be wholesome and better. Processed and...

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