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Health Supplements: Should People Take Health Supplements Or Are There Are So Many Dangers?

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Being healthy is the most important thing to improve and protect mind and body. There are a lot of ways to stay healthy such as medical checkups, exercise, stress reduction, adequate sleep and eating properly. A healthy diet includes avoiding foods with poor nutrition, eating certain foods and taking supplements. Health supplements reduce deficiencies in the bodies of people who need nutrients and cannot find them in nature. The amount of money spent by Americans on health supplements per year is around one and a half to two billion dollars, so supplements are a good investment for their health. However, some people believe that the need for supplements is “marketing”, and a waste of money. They assume supplements are not necessary for health, and can even harm the body. Although some health experts state that eating healthy, nutritious food regularly is better than taking health supplements, supplements should be part of a healthy life style as they provide heart health, keep the bones healthy and strong, and improve the immune system.
Having better heart health is one of the reasons why people should use health supplements. Supplements reduce the risk of heart illness and keep the heart healthy. In the words of Vera Tweed, thirty grams a day of fiber will help prevent heart disease (par.5). Fiber should be taken adequately every day to improve your heart and prevent heart disease. Moreover, according to Tweed and Sanjida O’Connell, some studies show that omega-3 pills assist in lowering the risk of having a heart attack or cardiovascular disease and there is convincing evidence to support this (par.7; pars.11-18), this demonstrates that supplements are beneficial and effective in protecting the heart. Similarly, “Two large studies have shown that purified EPA and DHA can ward off cardiovascular disease … the risk of having a second heart attack is reduced by around 18 per cent - even taking into account other confounding variables” (O’Connell, par.10). This research illustrates how omega-3 is important to ensure people with a sick heart will have a healthier heart, so they should not avoid or procrastinate in taking it. Further, there are other supplements that help to decrease high blood pressure. For example, a lack of zinc causes arterial plaque and hypertension (Tweed, par.18). Therefore, taking zinc can guarantee maintaining the heart in worthy physical shape. Furthermore, lack of magnesium can also cause high blood pressure (Tweed, pars.9). Magnesium can solve some health problems, such as heart palpitations and is also useful for migraines, constipation and muscle cramps (Tweed, pars.9-10). Consequently, magnesium is an effective supplement to reduce high blood pressure and promote better health. Taking supplements can lead to a healthier heart, so they should be part of a good lifestyle.
Maintaining strong bones is another reason for taking health supplements. They help to increase and maintain bone density. For example, according to...

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