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Throughout the early 1840’s up to the early 1900’s American authors were either classified as realist or naturalists. Realism is a faithful representation of life that focuses on middle class people and their problems and a form of writing where god is absent. Naturalism is an exaggerated form of realism where nature is an independent force. Some of these authors like Kate Chopin, Jack London, and Ambrose Bierce are all naturalist because of their exaggeration of life and life events. Stephen Crane and Mark Twain both are realist authors because they write about middle class people that face day to day problems.
“Naturalism is conformity to nature: realistic or factual representation, esp. in literature and art. The system of natural causes and laws without attributing supernatural significance to them.” (page 746, Webster’s New College Dictionary) “An inclination toward factual truth and pragmatism. Artistic or literary representation intended as an accurate and idealized portrayal of real life or of the objective world. (page 944, Webster’s New College Dictionary)
Throughout Kate Chopin’s writing in “The Story of an Hour” she shows to be a naturalistic writer. Kate uses nature to explain life to her audience with the addition of faith towards God. One of her paragraphs states “she breathed a quick prayer that life might be long.” (page 475, Chopin) On this line Kate is saying that she prayed quickly in hope that her life would be long. Praying must mean she was praying to something else that nature alone could not have explained such as a god. On another one of her lines Louise is saying “Free! Body and soul Free!” (page 475, Chopin)The fact that Kate Chopin decided to add this says that she believes in a God. A major sentence that helps categorize Kate Chopin is the last sentence when she says “When the doctors came they said she had died from heart disease – of joy that kills.” (page 475, Chopin) This last sentence is showing that not only does Kate involve god but also uses nature because death is just a part of nature. Nature is clearly stated in the third paragraph. The sentence states “when the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone.” (page 475, Chopin) Kate uses the way a storm comes down rushing to describe the sadness she felt and to show her emotions.
Furthermore Jack London could be categorized as a naturalist because of his exaggeration of life and the involvement of nature throughout his writing. London uses nature and shows the reader that nature can fire back at humans. In this writing “To Build a Fire” he uses the extreme of coldness to teach the naïve character a lesson. His story says “the absence of sun from the sky, the tremendous cold, and the strangeness and weirdness of it all - - made no impression on the man.” (page 1, London) Jack London is trying to show that nature gave the man warnings but the man did not listen. Another example of London being a naturalist is at the end of the story when...

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