Nature Of Logic And Preception. This Paper Explains The Nature Of Logic To Critical Thinking, As You Understand It.

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Logic and Perception
Is perception reality? Perception and reality are two very different things. "Perception is how we receive and translate our experiences -- how and what we think about them. "Who we are and how we spend our life's energies, is based to a large extent on what we pick up from others. But (in case you never noticed) they do not all give us the same message - so who are we to believe?"(Miller and Connelly, 1996, p 2). Reality is what is proven true or real. The truth is supported by evidence. Following is my thoughts on my own perceptual process. Later, I will share a specific situation where my perception was incorrect and how learning to think logically has increased my ability to form correct perceptions.
Personal Perception
At a young age, my perceptions came from what I picked up from others, specifically, parents, mentors, teachers, television and many other life experiences. However, I have always received mixed messages because everyone, however so slight, had a different viewpoint or perception. When I ask more than one person the same question, I always got different answers, which often left me confused. I have always been interested in learning the truth, but as a child, you are unaware that the truth can be discovered. When watching the evening news, my perception of a particular story is often different then the person watching the exact same thing. We all process and filter information differently; therefore, we have to understand how to determine what is the truth before making an uninformed decision or a wrong assumption. It is extremely important to understand how perception works in order to avoid misunderstandings, making incorrect assumptions or misjudging someone. Perceptional blocks can be avoided by discovering the truth. As an adult learner, I realize that we have to work hard and think beyond what we are taught as a child. We have to learn to think at a much higher level if we want to discover the truth. This is accomplished by developing critically thinking skills. Critical thinking is extremely important to learn and use on daily basis since we all have to make important decision daily.
Critical Thinking
"Thinking is a cognitive process of reasoning and judgment. Critical thinking, also cognitive, is a process through which we evaluate our ideas, habits, and belief systems through logic." The truth cannot be created based on feelings, opinions or assumptions, however, the truth can be discovered. Discovering the truth is accomplished by learning to think logically and critically. Critical thinkers are those who have evidence to support their perceptions. One of the first steps in critical thinking is to become aware that you make assumptions. Making incorrect assumptions has taught me the importance of discovering the truth. Now, that I have learned to think outside the box, and research, investigate and ask questions, I am confident that I can avoid making incorrect assumptions. ...

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