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About 13,000 years ago, after the last ice age, people spent most of the time on the field in order to gather or hunt things in order to survive, but due to return of ice age condition, about 12500 years ago, most of the plants and animals collapsed. People always needed to migrate to find the food. At some point, in Fertile Crescent about 11500 years ago, people started to make villages and started living together. Which became bigger and bigger and became a big city. Then how did they supply food in such ice age condition? The answer is easy, people started to modify the way plants grow and started domesticating plants using machine called pickaxe, shovel, and etc. Also, most of the big ...view middle of the document...

The services that government provides like doctors, shops, leisure facilities won't be nearby. This will lead to less job opportunities as there are fewer services in the area. Then, less income will be generated and people will leave the city or town, and it will lead to fewer services and the cycle will continue.
2. Differentiation of the population. Not all residents grow their own food, leading to specialists. This means some people have to work on services, such as insurance and governmental services. This will lead to generating more money and convenient city life, which can be the pull factor of the city.
3. Payment of taxes to a deity or king. Paying taxes will be used, have to be used, to maintain the city and like I mentioned before, will be used to provide the services. Also, payment of the tax is needed in order to provide pensions to retirees in the country.
4. Monumental public buildings. It doesn’t need to be big like statue of liberty in New York, but they at least need to have public buildings like city hall or at least, it needs to have some place that people can work, which is related to the city.
5. Those not producing their own food are supported by the king. Since most of the people that don’t produce their own food work for development of the city, like police, fire fighter, etcetera, they need to be supported by king or mayor.
6. Systems of recording and practical science. In order to develop the country, it is necessary to develop the science because if there is a development of the science, that means people can adapt the science in the products that they make, and those products can be exported to make a profit, or could be sold in the national region in order to benefit the citizens of the city.
7. A system of writing. These two, 6 and 7, doesn’t seem very important, but it is needed to city’s improvement. For example, if people wrote and recorded about the criminal cases that happened, polices can use that again to solve the similar problem that might happen in the future. Also, if people don’t record the important points, the government will fall in Chaos because they can’t communicate properly and if they can’t communicate properly, city’s plans will not be properly go along. They need written document which certainly shows what the government wants them to do.
8. Development of symbolic art. It will show the ideas that people in the city or region is holding by looking at the piece of art. Also, by making the piece of art and exhibiting in the other regions, tourists will visit the city that the artist was born or it is drawn.
9. Trade and import of raw materials. This will create more jobs. For example, people will need place to sell their products and it will create significant effects on city’s economy and it will make the city grow more. Also, by trading, people can get the product or goods that are not able to grow in that region, or that they don’t have in their country.
Last one is specialist...

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