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Nature V. Nurture Essay

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The world we live in has thrived due to man’s ability to adapt. Cultures of the past have been able to adapt to their environment due to the needs to survive. These needs are met through human nature’s fundamental need to survive. Over time as the more successful traits have been passed, nurture has expanded on these traits as experience has taught humanity what types of traits are important and those that are not. Personality has played a pivotal role in human success because of the traits that have created success in the past are able to be expanded in the future. However where concepts become tricky is in nature vs. nurture. Personality is heavily influenced by both nature and nurture, however, each relies on the other to fully expand the human persona into the success it is.
The essence of human nature is to further oneself. From an evolutionary perspective, human nature furthered the nurture side. According to John Cacioppo and Laura Freberg’s textbook Discovering Psychology: The Science of the Mind: 1st Edition, “Our social minds were shaped by the cultures of hunter-gatherer groups until the development of agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago”. This idea supports the concept of transitioning from where something is nature to where it becomes nurture. The hunter-gatherer’s relied heavily on cooperation to survive as they were a very limited society. Cooperation is an idea passed through generations as it allows humans to survive and expand their knowledge bases when working together, which is still evidenced today. “Much social behavior probably originated in these types of situations, where the benefits of cooperation for an individual's survival and reproduction out-weighed any disadvantages of cooperating” (Caccioppo and Freberg), which extends today as society, in general, is now more focused on success as a cooperative in some aspects. Another aspect where nature and nurture intertwine is in competition. Competition has been around for thousands of years as all species are constantly vying to become more successful. From a human perspective, Darwin taught of competition and survival of the fittest. As this phenomena is seen throughout all of nature, it is part of human nature to do whatever it takes to survive and reproduce, which is the very essence of evolution Where it intertwines with nurture; however, is in the way competition has evolved over time. Traits that are desirable have drastically changed over time, both physically in the animal kingdom, and personality wise in humans. Humans have developed this mindset of a “perfect person” that certain traits, such as humor and intelligence, are now more desirable than the survivalist ability seen with the hunter-gatherer community. The evolution of competition and cooperation have intertwined nature into nurture as the lessons from both now are normal components to everyday human interaction.
There are aspects to human interaction where nature overpowers nurture. The...

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