Nature V Nuture Essay

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"Nature versus Nurture"

After a semester of intensive research into the "Nature versus Nurture" personality
debate, the investigators of this topic have concluded that personality is not shaped
strictly by either genetics or the environment.

Because the topic of personality is so broad, the invesigators decided that narrowing
the topic would prove to be more productive than trying to tackle the entire rhelm of
personality. Thus, the area of study was limited to the specific traits of introversion
and extroversion.

In additon to narrowing the search, the investigators split the research team in half
and had three students focus on the side of the argument that suggests personality is
made, and three students focus on the side of the argument suggesting personality is

Empirical studies, texts and the World Wide Web were utilized to aquire the information
neccessary to draw a conclusion about which side of the "Nature versus Nurture" debate
has more validity. Specifically, adoptive studies, and twin studies were examined. The
reason that the investigators centered their research on these types of studies is that
in twin studies, the genes are similar, while in adoptive studies, the environment is

The "Nature group" examined studies by Plomin, Scarr, and Loehlin. All of the studies
conducted by these psychologists demonstrate that one's personality is made as a result
of one's inherited genes. Birth parents play a greater role in the development of an
individual's personality than the living environment does.

The "Nurture group" examined studies by Bergeman, Baltes, Greenspan and Lynn, etal.
Lynn and colleagues determine that "environmental factors contribute to the personality
characteristics of extraversion and it supports the argument that personality traits are
a result of environment" (Agahi, Hampson and Lynn, 1989).

While at first it seems that these findings contradict one another, upon further
examination the investigators have come to the conclusion that genetics and environment
do not shape personality independently. The genetic makeup shapes one's personality, thus
determining how their environment is perceived.

Throughout history, psychologists have argued about topics which span the scope of
Psychology. One topic that has initiated a lot of debate is whether personality traits
are inherited through one's genes, or whether they are made through one's environment.
In our individual papers, we will argue that personality is either primarily determined
by nature or by nurture, while at the same time recognizing that an individual's
personality is not solely the result of either factor. We hope that in recognizing the
roles that nature and nurture play in the development of personality a more truthful
and realistic conclusion will be obtained.

Spawning intense investigation and experimentation, and attracting many psychologists
and scientists alike, is what is often times referred to as the "Nature versus...

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