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As soon as a baby is born family members immediately talk about whom the baby looks like. This is the start of Nature and Genetics in full bloom. Even friends and strangers gravitate to this game, when it comes to deciding if the baby takes after the mother or father’s side of the family. Some traits may even come from a grandparent or great-grandparent, such as thick curly hair or blood type. Later, as the baby grows other traits begin to show like, facial expressions and temperament. The baby may show an outgoing, friendly personality like the mother or prefer to quietly sit and observe like the grandfather. In adulthood, a child might coincidently decide to work in a similar career ...view middle of the document...
Where Nurture comes into play is when the parents provide a certain environment or encourage a particular activity. Some parents insist on sports or learning to play music, in efforts to find hidden talents in their child. Generally, after several attempts the child will resist the music classes or refuse to play in the soccer game. Nevertheless, later on the child will decide what he likes to do or is good at doing. Parents who spend as much time as they can with their children tend to raise emotionally secure adults. Whereas, parents who spend minimal time have insecure and anxious children, and critical parents tend to raise children with very low self-esteem ( (
It might seem funny to notice the way a child walks and compare it to the father nature’s way of proving paternity. If the child is too introverted, the nurturing parents might push the child to be more social at a playground or in church functions. In today’s world, many children grow up with only one biological parent, yet these children still display innate characteristics of the missing parent. Moreover, if the biological parent is deceased many children without any previous knowledge show a desire to study the same major as the late parent. In addition, if a...

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